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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
i have recently come off a developer's course for the Cloud Application Studio, and many candidates asked the same question. They all saw how easy it is to create a new set of UIs for your custom business object. The studio creates the workcenter, workcenter view, the Quick Action and the Object Instance floorplans. Of course when you view this workcenter in ByDesign there will the standard custom icon, and now Business Area Color Band.

In the "old days" of Silverlght UI you could just change the icon property of the workcenter UI, and that was it.

However now that we have ported across to the Fiori UI5 interface there are some other attributes that need to attended to so that your custom object can have a unique icon.

To choose the icon you want to use in workcenter, navigagte to SAP Icon Explorer once you have chosen the icon, highlight it and make a note of its attributes from the RHS Attributes panel.

I assume that you have already created your Screens in your solution.

  1. Open the File ******.wcf

  2. Open the Property Item marked "work Center Attributes"

3. In the Workcenter attributes window, edit two settings, first for the the icon

Here edit the Value: to be the icon you have previously chosen.

4. Edit the second attribute to determine the business area, either


don't forget to save and activate your changes.

In my experience the changes do not happen immediately, so do not expect to see the new icon straight away. I have waited 6-12 hours, but the changes have been executed!


If you clear your browser cache and delete cookies the change is immediate!!

**Many thanks Billy Gast from Navigator**


hope this helps