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Dear all

Since there had been quite big changes happening to me (which will affect my engagement here on SCN) I thought I pen down a few lines about that.

Relocation (again)

Looks like I am not the person to stay put in one place for a long time.

But after my move from Austria to Germany in 2013 it was time for me to pack up everything again and board the plane with a one-way ticket to stunning Melbourne, Australia.

Besides the obvious change in my awake-and-working-time zone there's this view when having a walk during lunch break:

:cool: I love that!

My new (corporate) home: Custom Development

This relocation happened with the support and endorsement of SAP, the company I've been working for the last 12 years.

My current job here is actually not in SAP HANA development or support or anything like that, but on the other side of the solution building process.

SAP Custom Development is a software development organization within SAP. Sort of a sub-marine team :smile:

Where the large SAP standard software development builds highly standardized, reusable and to-be-configured solution platforms, we're dealing with the customer requirements that need a different kind of care.

We do the customer specific innovation and deliver software just for that single customer.

Just like a tailer made suite or a bespoke pair of shoes.

This is very different from the standard business but extremely exciting as we get to look into all the stuff our customers are interested in that is just not possible with the standard solution. We get to use the latest and greatest platforms and processes from SAP - everything from design thinking, over Fiori or Big Data IoT technology. And we go back to the colleagues from standard development to align with them on features and road maps.

The outcome is high quality software that does exactly what you need and fits seamless into your SAP/IT landscape including support and maintenance.

I guess it's obvious why I find this interesting.

Come and see me!

While I likely will have less time now to answer a lot of questions in the SAP HANA spaces (SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing, SAP HANA Developer Center) I don't give up on knowledge sharing.

As TechEd's are happening a bit far off from the Australian continent, there's going to be a smaller more local event, that still covers the important topics and speakers.

I'll have the pleasure to step in line with some awesome presenters (bjoern.goerke, thorsten.franz or rich.heilman to just drop a few names) and will deliver some lectures.

If you happen to be in Sydney around 24/25. November 2015 and you're interested to meet and talk to all those famous folks :smile: follow the link and register!

Ok, that's for today.

Enjoy your weekend folks!