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Organizations are constantly changing, and people are moving across roles, organizations, and business units. The same affects the administrative set-up of SAP Analytics Cloud and raises the question of how do I onboard a new person? What happens to the content the previous person created?


In SAP Analytics Cloud, we have released a new feature, to ensure continuity in content management and minimize the impact on the day-to-day. Customers can make use of the “change owner” functionality to transfer ownership of resources in the File Repository namely stories, models, insights, folders, etc. This applies to objects present in the File Repository, and both single asset and bulk transfers can be done using this feature.  



  1. This feature can be utilized by users with the  Execute privilege for  the 'Ownership of Content'. 

  2. By default, this permission is applied to the following standard admin roles: BI Admin, Planning Professional Admin, and Predictive Admin. 


With this functionality, users can change the owner of any folder or any content object within the file repository without deleting the old user to whom it was assigned.  Let us look at a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use this feature. 

  1. From the side navigation, choose  (Files).

  2. Select the content you want to change the owner for.

    You can select multiple files and folders that have different current content owners.

  3. Choose  (Change Owner) option

  4. Select the new owner.

    Only one user can be selected as the new content owner. If the content is saved in a workspace, only members of the workspace can be selected as the new content owner.



  • (Optional) In addition to this, to notify the current owner and new owner about the change, users can utilize the email notification checkbox to alert affected users of the change.

  • This feature is currently available through File Repo UI and API functionality will be available soon.


Key Points to remember

  • The highlight of this feature is that while the folder level ownership is changed using this option, the owner of contents and subfolders within the parent folder remain unchanged. This is to make sure that multiple users who store content in the same folder don’t lose access to it.  

  •  While making use of this feature, users might notice that the location of content resources has changed in my files view. To resolve this and find content owned by them, users can make use 'owned by me' filter to see contents.

  • This feature is not applicable to top-level public folder, Deleted Files view, or any content that does not have an owner. Content resources stored inside the public folder can make use of this feature.

All in all, this feature empowers BI Admins by helping them manage content in a dynamic work environment without losing access to critical content resources withstanding any user role change.
This seamless change of ownership is essential in a large organization and ensures that users never lose access to valuable content. 


Please check out this video below for a detailed demo, or refer to the help document for more support.

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