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Central Job Overview in SAP Solution Manager provides central access to all the background jobs that are scheduled in your managed ABAP System and also in the External Scheduler(Currently, SAP Business Process Automation or SAP CPS is supported, and other external schedulers can be supported on a project basis).

Central Job Overview is part of Job Management which is an end-to-end operations standard for requesting, documenting, scheduling, monitoring and reporting of jobs.


In SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the Application can be launched from two places -

  • Fiori Launchpad

  • Job Management Workcenter -> Common Tasks

The Central Job Overview Application consists of the following parts

  1. Search Parameters

  2. Result list - a unified view of jobs from the managed system and/or external scheduler(SAP BPA).

  3. Relevant Details with more insights about the selected job.

  4. Critical path analysis.


Let us now look at these parts one by one :

1. Search Parameters : 

  • Job Name, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, Username, Event, Program Name, Job Status, System and Application Name.

  • Additionally, there are two additional options to select the jobs only from the managed system or to select the job steps from external schedulers(Currently, SAP BPA)

2. Result List : 

  • The Result list consists of the jobs based on the search parameters.

  • An icon to represent if the job is part of the hierarchy or a single step scheduled in the managed system.

  • The overview table displays the basic information - job name, created by,  status, duration and delay for job scheduled on managed ABAP System

  • Additionally, information on Application Name and Queue for jobs scheduled via external schedulers.

  • Possibility to filter and sort the overview list

  • Export the result list to excel

3. Relevant Details : 

  • All the associated information for the job is available in a single pop-up. So you don't have to navigate across multiple screens to get the information that you need - Basic info, job log, job steps, spool list, child jobs and schedule.

  • If the job is part of a job chain hierarchy, then the overall hierarchy with individual job steps along with execution information is displayed in tabular information.

  • You can either choose to see relevant details for All jobs, ABAP Jobs or the critical path(discussed next).

4. Critical Path Details : 

  • The critical path indicates the sequence and the time needed for the execution of the job chain hierarchy.

  • You can highlight the critical path to identity the duration that was taken the execution of the overall job chain.

  • The information on the job start date, job end time and the current status is also visible.



Configuration Guide for Central Job Overview is available here

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