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SAP Event Mesh is a fully managed cloud service that allows extensions, integrations and applications to communicate through asynchronous digital events and seamlessly extend your digital core. It is an important crucial step in enabling a holistic Event Driven Eco System for your enterprise.

As the Event Driven architectures and the surrounding Eco Systems evolve so has our roadmap and outlook and your feedback , SAP Event Mesh is planned to make the next leap armed with lot new capabilities which would help you even better to build E2E Event driven stories.

We are coming up with new Customer Engagement Initiatives to introduce you to the new features so that you can get to know the features fit to your Event Driven Stories in a frictionless manner and we get your initial feedback to even better the product.

One of the streams of the CEI is around creating and governing a global event mesh of distributed event brokers. the set of capabilities that would help you do that are

  1. Event Brokers -  Provide you the ability to deploy and manage Event/Message brokers in the cloud of your choice. These brokers give you all the messaging features such as publish-subscribe messaging pattern, queuing, streaming, replay, and request-reply etc..

  1. Event Management – The Event Portal allows you to create, design, share, and manage your events. The Event Portal offers runtime discovery and cataloging of events, schemas and application interactions.

  2. Event Monitoring – It enables you to get historical and real-time metrics in an easy to understand set of dashboards and notifications about the state of your event brokers.

We would also be interested in hearing your thoughts and efforts you’re putting in your organization to create and manage your event driven ecosystem and how we can help you in your goals there.


About SAP Customer Engagement Initiatives

SAP customer engagement initiatives provide you with early insights into new SAP product developments. They give you an opportunity to provide feedback, input, and ideas early. Plus, that they give you the chance to see what is coming from SAP and build up business relevant know-how before everybody else does:

  • Participate in remote sessions to learn about concepts and product developments and discuss your ideas 

  • Collaborate with Product Management to shape new product features

  • Build a network with other SAP partners and customers using the same product

To participate in the customer engagement initiative a feedback agreement between SAP and your company is required.

Also we would love to have one-on-one discussion with you if you feel the need of it.

Utilize these opportunity, register and join the CEI Initiative Manage and govern global event meshes using SAP Event Mesh to know more about SAP Event Mesh from the core team and of course help us by providing early feedback.