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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Since ABAP release 7.88, SAP BTP ABAP Environment 2205, CDS view entities are feature complete. In this blog series, you find a complete list of new features, improvements, and differences of CDS view entities compared to CDS DDIC-based views.

Part l: New features

  • Typed literals
  • Set operators EXCEPT und INTERSECT
  • Calculated quantity with calculated unit reference
  • Entity buffering using tuning objects
  • Extensions with EXTEND VIEW ENTITY
  • New functions:
  • $PROJECTION to reuse expressions from the SELECT list
  • Refactoring of view stacks

Curious? Find each new feature explained and with syntax example in the blog post CDS view entities are feature complete, Part l: New features | SAP Blogs.

Part ll: Improvements

    • No CDS-managed DDIC view created in ABAP Dictionary
    • CDS view entities with input parameters are generated as SQL views on the SAP HANA database
    • Stricter syntax and semantic checks
    • Automatic and implicit client handling
    • Improved activation performance
    • Currency and quantity handling in expressions
    • Improved expression matrix

Want to know more? Find details in blog post CDS view entities are feature complete, Part ll: Improvements | SAP Blogs.

Part lll: Differences

    • Features and syntax not supported in CDS view entities
    • Differences in header annotations
    • New syntax requirements

Blog post CDS view entities are feature complete, Part lll: Differences | SAP Blogs lists all syntax elements which are not supported in CDS view entities and new syntax requiements.

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