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There is a saying "I can't see the wood for the trees"


This saying resonates with many customers I talk to, when talking about their CCOE.

Most customers today struggle with balancing IT costs and cost of support to the business.


Most CCOE's are today considered a Service Provider.  The associated costs can soon mount up for them.  Many outsource their Service Desks and Basis activities, in an effort to save money.  However if they don't have the right SLA's in place, the accountability can reduce the effectiveness of the support.


As companies move towards digital transformation, how can the CCOE keep up?

By have a strong strategy, and moving towards becoming an innovative enabler for the business, the CCOE needs to mature.


Having SAP systems with minimal custom code, utilizing such technology as S4/HANA and utilizing simplified and standardized business operations, will help with lowering the cost of support and the ability to move support resources into the innovator roles.


This picture (below) of the "9 Golden Rules" shows the steps required to be able to have a CCOE that is moving towards innovation


  • Optimize Effort for day-to-day tasks with no business visibility

    • Proactive and automated processes for your IT Operations

  • Get rid of historic ballast

    • Why does the customer still have so many legacy systems?

  • Develop executable plans and clear visions

    • Match to the objective of the business

  • Perform regular solution and project risk reviews

    • Such things as utilizing Custom Code Lifecycle Management - mitigate risk in upgrades by eliminating code

  • Industrialize project execution

    • SAP Activate - utilizing SAP Best Practice, pre-configured solutions

  • Prepare staff for innovations

    • Utilizing SAP Solution Manager (7.2) to have a more proactive and automated approach (OCC) in IT Operations and Support,

    • Moving resources from day to day support towards innovation

  • Focus on IT tasks according to their value for the business

    • Aligning IT objectives with the business

  • Setup operations, project and business reporting based on smart KPI's and benchmarks

    • KPI's and reviews can provide details of the value in terms of efficiency and cost savings (rather than perception)

  • Move IT staff closer to the end-users

    • Making IT staff more responsible for bring efficient value to the business


These 9 golden rules also lay the foundation towards Advanced Certification



Becoming Advanced certified, helps the CCOE reach a new level of collaboration with the business.


  • Minimizing custom code, and implementing Custom Code Lifecycle Management is a key factor for stability

  • Implementing OCC, and setting up proactive monitoring and alerting across business processes, interfaces and technical components to, enables IT to focus on innovation and changes, and ready for new challenges

  • Premium Engagement customers have the MCC / Expert access

  • Maximize value to the business, through value driven KPI's and benchmarks, and standardized best practices End-to-End





The service portfolio for the SAP CCOE team provides customers the ability to review their maturity, and create a roadmap to excellent end-to-end solution orchestration and the Advanced Customer Center of Excellence Certification.

Services include:

  • SOPW - Laying the foundation - a baseline assessment of current state maturity

    • Deliverables include a summary wrap up at the end of a 4 day onsite review

    • Roadmap to work on key areas to improve maturity

  • QM E2E60

    • Quality Management within the CCOE to bring continuous improvement, develop key KPI's bring value to the business (another blog on this subject is forthcoming)

    • Customer participants become certified in Quality Management, through a 3 day workshop, taking an online test at the end of the workshop