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If you want to capture an application using the Java Connector, please make sure the debugger has been launched and that the correct EXE of the application has been recognized. You can also find more details on the Java Connector here.

To capture a Java standalone Application, please follow the below steps:

  1. Capture the application using SWG connector

  2. Set the EXE as a criterion for the application and the CLASSWIN

CLASSWIN criterion is useful when the Java application contains a loading screen. If this criterion is not set, the application may be not recognized during the runtime.
Note: If you are not using CLASSWIN as one of the criterion and just using EXE, it may not work during runtime. In case only EXE is used as criterion, if the debugger is not launched before the application, it will not be recognized. However, if we use CLASSWIN along with EXE as criterion, the application can be recognized irrespective of whether the debugger is launched before the application or not.

  1. Launch the debugger

Be sure to see the load of an _Undefined_ page in the Events tab of the debugger. If you don’t see it, next steps will not work.

If you don’t see this event, check that the exe criterion set in the Desktop Studio corresponds to the exe name of the Java app in the Windows Task Manager. If not, update it manually in the Desktop Studio.

  1. Go to the Desktop Studio, right-click on the captured application and select “Capture a New Page…”

  2. In the displayed popup, be sure that “SWG” technology is selected (which should be the default choice)

  3. Click on the refresh button next to Pages. You will see one page, which should correspond to your Java application

  4. Select it then click on Scan and Capture button. Your page has now been captured.

  5. If the capture is not working, you can try to capture the applet version of your application if it exists.

If the above doesn’t work, capture it as a Java Applet (Java application displayed in a browser)

To capture a java applet, follow steps 1 to 6 above and then:

  1. You can see an arrow next to the page’s name. Open it. You must find the first node under the “Java connector” node (name may vary depending of the applet)

  2. Select it then click on Scan and Capture button. Your page has now been captured

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