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Update (21th of July 2022): Thanks to all customers who applied. The list of participants is now complete and the registration for the Beta Program is closed.

For the upcoming version 8.00 we have already integrated a lot of customer feedback. To get more feedback we are currently packaging a version that we can share with selected customers and partners as part of a closed beta program. There are a few spots remaining to have a look at the following features:

  • Inplace-Navigation inside Fiori launchpad: You decide if your SAP GUI for Windows transaction is opened in a new tab or inplace. This closes the gap between running the Fiori launchpad in a standalone browser and in the Business Client while keeping the advantage of using the native SAPGUI for Windows.

  • Separate Theming for System Selector and shell windows

  • Support 64 bit version of SAP GUI for Windows which will come with 8.00

  • Export and import of Business Client favorites

  • Performance Improvements and reduced memory footprint

  • WorkZone-Support

  • Focus on the Edge WebView2 browser control (see: Microsoft Edge in SAP Business Client)

What will you get?

As soon as the program starts (this is expected early in July, Release to Customer is planned for Q1, 2023), you will get:

  • Access to the most current version of SAP Business Client 8.00 and SAP GUI for Windows 8.00* for test purposes

  • A document with additional information on the new features

  • A contact within the SAP Business Client development team that you can use to provide feedback to us or ask questions you may have

*In parallel to the SAP Business Client 8.00 SAP Beta program, a beta program for SAP GUI 8.00 is conducted. The Test and Evaluation Agreement will be valid for both frontend programs. You can find more information on the SAP GUI for Windows Beta.

How to apply?

We are looking for approximately 10 participants to actively test and provide feedback. If you are interested, please simply mail me at:

Please include:

  • Customer number

  • Contact name

We will then send you a Test and Evaluation Agreement (TEA). Once this is returned to us, we will provide details of how to get, install, and configure the Business Client test version and use the new features.

We would love to hear from you.


Kind regards,

Sandra Thimme
Product Manager SAP Business Client



This blog contains forward-looking statements. It is not a commitment by SAP to deliver any specific functionality by any specific date. We reserve the right to change our plans for any reason at any time.