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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Within the time frame of 2021 QRC4 several new calculation view features have been released in SAP Business Application Studio. Some of them are highlighted below.

You can find examples that illustrate the individual features here. An overview of features of other releases can be found here.

Mask columns based on session user

Masking of columns can be done based on the user who is calling the calculation view which contains the mask definition or based on the session user which is running the SQL query.
In a stacked scenario, the calling user will be the owner of the including calculation view while the session user will be the user who runs the SQL query.
To switch between the different modes, use the view-global setting Mask Mode:

session user masking

With the new option to mask based on the session user, masking in stacked scenarios becomes significantly easier.

Preview data with different database user

It is now possible to preview data of calculation views from SAP Business Application Studio using different database users from the list of connections that is maintained in Database Explorer.

data preview with different user


This makes testing of different authorizations, e.g., analytic privileges, and session settings, such as client values more convenient.


Map input parameters of calculation views to parameters of SQL views

Input parameters can now also be mapped to parameters of SQL views.


map input parameter to SQL view parameter


This allows passing filter values into SQL views and thus offering more control of how filters are applied.


Use Window Functions

Use Window Functions to analyze data based on data partitions. For example, compare a value to a value of some days before for each product:


Define lag value based on input parameter


value shifted by 2 records


Window function nodes provide the flexibility to analyze data that fall inside a certain window using various functions.


Filter Elements

Filter elements such as calculated columns or input parameters and thus find elements that are related to a certain topic more easily:


before filtering


after filtering


Use Value Help for roles in Add Data Source dialog

When creating a .hdbgrants file during the Add Data Source dialog (see how to do this e.g., here) roles can be granted. Value help is now available to display:

  • all roles that can be seen by the user defined in the granting service:

value help all visible roles



  • all roles that are explicitly granted with admin option to the user of the granting service (in the view EFFECTIVE_ROLES, the column IS_GRANTABLE is TRUE):

value help assigned roles


This simplifies granting of roles during the Add Data Source dialog.