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Product and Topic Expert

The way we consume reporting has changed radically in the last decade. Piles of paper with service results and reporting in printed documents is a picture from the past and everyone is familiar with dashboards, e-Readers and inter-active charts used on laptops and mobile phones now. In addition, the expectations are high that statistics not only cover past periods, but that apps provide forecasts and automatic trend and anomaly detection.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert service has been renovated accordingly: the service results can be consumed in cloud applications in SAP Fiori even on mobile phones. The apps included in SAP for Me are called: Workspace, Reports, Dashboard and Solution Finder.

Fast and confident decision making requires a high degree of information and connecting people to turn insight to action. The SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace accelerates the collaboration across teams at any time and any place based on one common data insight.

The prerequisite to use these new applications is that data is sent to SAP. You can find the details on the prerequisites in this blog.

To encourage SAP's customers to consume the new apps the KPI SAP EarlyWatch Alert coverage has been adjusted accordingly. This KPI is measured in the SAP Enterprise Support Reporting Cockpit and used in the Customer Center of Expertise certification process.


SAP EarlyWatch Alert Coverage

In the past the SAP EarlyWatch Alert coverage was calculated based on the service being activated for systems on the SAP Solution Manager on-premise disrespecting if the data was also send to SAP in order to be available in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad/SAP for Me applications.

The new calculation checks how many productive systems are visible in the workspace for SAP EarlyWatch Alert.

This has been changed due to the following reasons:

  • Sending SAP EarlyWatch Alert data to SAP is the basis for data-driven support and improves significantly the value of SAP's support services

  • SAP Fiori apps, like Workspace, Reports, Dashboard for SAP EarlyWatch Alert, can only be used if the data is sent to SAP

  • Only the workspace offers forecast applications for SAP HANA and ABAP number ranges.

  • Email notifications for SAP EarlyWatch Alert in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad offer more functionality and cover forecast scenarios

  • Counting systems in workspace covers other SAP EarlyWatch Alert data transfer scenarios than SAP Solution Manager, including SAP Focused Run, SAP HANA Cockpit and sending the data directly from the business system


SAP Enterprise Support Reporting Cockpit

The SAP EarlyWatch Alert coverage can easily be found in SAP Enterprise Support Reporting Cockpit. It takes only the production systems into account measuring if data has been sent in the last 90 days.

The SAP EarlyWatch Alert workspace covers all systems with an ABAP stack on HANA or any-DB and all SAP HANA stand-alone systems. Other system types, like Java or Business Objects are not covered in the workspace and are not taken into account anymore in the new coverage statistics. For the JAVA and Business Object systems the SAP EarlyWatch Alert report is maintained and available via the SAP Solution Manager. Or in case of the SAP Focused Run the data is send to SAP to provide the SAP EarlyWatch Alert report.

On top of the coverage, more KPIs will soon be available:

  • Number of visits to the SAP Fiori apps for SAP EarlyWatch Alert

  • Number of users that have subscribed to the email notifications

  • Number of notifications sent out by SAP EarlyWatch Alert workspace