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SAP Insider’s HANA 2015 in Las Vegas (March 9-12) was a splendid experience that showcased the maturity of HANA. There was talk about SAP S/4 HANA and then there was talk about innovation like never before.

The latter was illustrated by Quentin Clark, Chief Technology Officer, SAP SE delivering the keynote address when he called on AppOrchid, Inc. (a startup company that participates in the SAP Startup Focus Program), to join him on stage to demonstrate a solution that combined their unique take on business problems with the unbridled power of HANA.

AppOrchid demonstrated how to approach app-based cognitive computing solutions – and they did this using SAP HANA. Utilizing the Internet of Things paradigm with both structured and unstructured data the intent is to solve business problems and use cases that could never before be addressed before. They contend that what they have is not something addressed by traditional BI tools. Such tools know how to work with structured data but cannot deal with unstructured data trapped in peoples’ heads, their laptops, e-mails, presentations and memos. They contend that this information (labeled “tribal knowledge) gets lost with turnover of the workforce (through retirement or otherwise), but is something that can and should be preserved and integrated into the enterprise’s knowledge base.

When the keynote was over, I sat down with Dan Goldenblatt from AppOrchid for a brief chat in the studios of SAP Insider. Here is short video of that conversation.

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Note: This post first appeared on on April 13, 2015 -