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On Microsoft Windows, you need so-called "c-runtime" packages to run applications, which were build using certain Visual Studio versions. For example, an application that has been compiled with Visual Studio 2013 will simply not run if the runtime package (vcredist package) is not installed.

With this blog I want to help you:

    • identify if you have a certain runtime installed
    • find out which SAP kernel version needs which runtime

The fastest way is to open the Control Panel and select Programs and Features:

In this example, we have the following installed:

Runtime for VS 2008, x86 version (32bit)
Runtime for VS 2010, x86 version (32bit)
Runtime for VS 2010, x64 version (64bit)
Runtime for VS 2013, x64 version (64bit)

These SAP kernels are built with different Visual Studio versions. Let's take a closer look:

SAP KernelVisual Studio VersionMS internal version
7.0x, 7.1x, 7.20Visual Studio 20058.0
7.21, 7.22Visual Studio 20058.0
7.2x  EXTVisual Studio 201010.0
7.22  EX2Visual Studio 201312.0
7.22 EX3 Visual Studio 2015 or higher15.0
7.40, 7.42Visual Studio 201010.0
7.45, 7.49, 7.53, 7.73Visual Studio 201312.0
7.77 and higherVisual Studio 2015 or higher15.0




Update 2022:

Microsoft created a web page for all runtimes and their latest version:

MS runtimes


Questions and Answers:

    1. Q: Can I download and install the newest package from Microsoft or do I have to use the vcredist package, which will be shipped with the SAP kernel?
      A: You can download and install the latest package from Microsoft. You don't have to use the vcredist file, which is shipped with the SAP kernel. It is usually much older and maybe did not contain critical security patches!


    1. Q: How do I get the latest runtime package?
      A: Click the links above.


    1. Q: During installation, I get an error. The package failed to install.
      A:The are many reasons why the installation might fail. Browse the Internet for solutions.Some recommendations (known issues):

        • check if there is enough free space on the c: drive

        • check if there is an older version already installed. Some older packages block the installation of newer packages. In this case: uninstall the package and install the new one.

        • sometimes a reboot is required, otherwise a newer package cannot be installed

        • do not try to install a vcredist package from an UNC path, example \\server\share. Copy it to a local drive and execute it from there.

        • sometimes you get 4 digit error codes during installation, like 1603. Browse the Internet for known issues depending on the Windows version you use.


    1. Q: Can I uninstall a runtime package? What are the consequences?
      A: You can uninstall any runtime package anytime. But applications requiring them, will no longer work. They cannot be executed anymore.


    1. Q: I am preparing a new Windows OS image for SAP installations. Which runtime packages should I install in advance?
      A: You can install above runtimes to be prepared to run any SAP application. If you're sure, for example to never run an older 7.x kernel anymore, you don't have to install VS 2005 runtime.


    1. Q: Should I install 32bit packages anymore? (=x86 versions)
      A: It depends on the applications. For example, certain SAP MMC packages or SAP GUI will be still shipped as 32bit applications. To be safe: Install also the x86 versions of the packages.


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