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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
[caption id="attachment_1165" align="alignright" width="300"]Fountain at SAP Building 1 What's this?[/caption]

Today, BW/4HANA 2.0 has been released. It is a major update to version 1.0 which was shipped 2 years ago. With 1.0 SP8, the BW/4HANA Cockpit has emerged as the new entry point to the product, basically replacing the classic BW admin workbench. It is based on the Fiori Launchpad paradigm and technology. As such, it works in any browser, on PCs and touchscreen devices. For example, a BW/4HANA admin can now easily check from her or his smartphone whether process chain runs have succeeded and data has been released to end users.

In the 3-min video below, you can see the new version of the BW/4HANA Cockpit that is shipped with 2.0. Jascha shows a glimpse of what's improved and what's new. My three personal highlights are:

  • the tiles are not only buttons but provide useful data related to the underlying functionality, e.g. the number of infoproviders, i.e. it is launchpad and dashboard at the same time,

  • the addition of the Data Privacy Workbench, e.g. to propagate GDPR relevant changes that have been processed in an S/4HANA source system and can now be propagated to the BW/4 instance,

  • the notifications feature that immediately indicates alerts to which I have subscribed.

But there is more, and I suggest you check out this video and the more detailed material (e.g. here) that will be published in the next few days and weeks. Enjoy!

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PS: The BW/4HANA 2.0 documentation can be found here.