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Product and Topic Expert

This week, SAP has released an all-new Rapid Data Migration RDS package which helps customers and partners moving data from any data warehouse into SAP BW. But how much is new in this package and what can it actually be used for?

First of all, we need to understand the hype around moving Analytics to SAP BW powered by SAP HANA. This is a pretty interesting thing for existing SAP BW customers, as it can replace their old lame DB engine with new turbo power called SAP HANA. The right solution for these customers is called Rapid Database Migration, also powered by RDS. This package can switch a productive database to SAP HANA within a matter of no time. However, customers and partners want to experience the power of BW on HANA first before replacing the entire engine of a running system. How about tasting this power with your own data warehouse sample data?

Is your business still struggling to make critical decisions because you don't have the right analytics in place? Are you interested in Cloud solutions and want to have it quickly available without disruption? Why not leverage SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) as a quick proof of concept with the help of Rapid Data Migration?

Picture having your own data warehouse data in the HANA Enterprise Cloud, sitting in a BW on HANA system and instantly accessing pre-built Business Intelligence reports out of the box with great UI. In addition, able to bring your data to life, analyze and experience the power of SAP BW powered by HANA. Do you see the possibility?

Well, now you don't have to wait.

The solution you are looking for is Rapid Data Migration to SAP NetWeaver BW. Let's put the puzzle together. This new Rapid Data Migration solution is following the same successful and proven Rapid Data Migration methodology than our ERP, CRM, and cloud packages.

This new package accelerates the migration of data from existing data warehouses to SAP NetWeaver BW. The smooth migration is supported by pre-built content, based on best-practices. Optionally, the data can be migrated into SAP NetWeaver BW running on SAP HANA and running in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. It comes with content for the business areas of sales, finance, manufacturing, purchasing, and CEO analytics - exactly matching the pre-built WebI reports and dashboards of the BI Adoption RDS package:

By cleansing, validating, transforming, and migrating the legacy data to the target SAP NetWeaver BW DSO structure, customers will have high quality legacy data available for use cases such as PoCs on SAP BW powered by SAP HANA in the HEC. But this solution does even more, it enables to consolidate data from legacy data warehouse systems into any productive SAP BW system too - non-HANA or HANA.

This RDS package is leveraging best-practices content for SAP Data Services as integration and data quality platform, as well as own WebI reports for tranparency. The image below explains the architecture of the solution:

To see the Rapid Data Migration approach in action, simply watch the recorded demo session which gives an in-depth overview about the technology and process steps:

SAP Rapid Data Migration - Demo - YouTube

Further resources can be found under the links below:

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E-book: Rapid Data Migration - A Fast and Easy Way to Transform and Migrate Your Data Quickly and Co...

Our entire team is excited to have our first data migration package for SAP BW available now! Feel free to ask a question or leave feedback via the comments section below.

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