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Hello Everyone,

Today, when a webi report based off BEX Query is refreshed, the only way to enter the prompt is to select it from the List of values.  This has changed as of last week with the release of BI 4.1 SP 05.

I am delighted to share with you all that a new manual entry field has been added in the WebI prompt UI. This new functionality will allow users to enter the prompt value manually instead of having to select it from the LOV.  This functionality is in addition to the already existing option where users can select the value from LOV.

The below screen shows the multiple values selected for the prompt (key values entered manually):


The keys can be entered in different ways. The list of supported input formats are as follow:

  1. Single Member: 1

When using Selection Option Variable based prompts, the prompt can be shown as multi-value prompt (for Webi Java and DHTML Viewer) instead of an interval prompt by making the following entry as below:

Launch CMC -> Servers -> WebI Adaptive Processing Server ->Properties -> Java child VM arguments add the entry “” 

The input format would be as follow:

  1. Interval: 1-5 (do include the spaces)
  2. Expression with operators: >4, >=4, <4, <=4
  3. Exclusions: !5 (any key but 5)
  4. Combinations: 1-10;!5 (all the keys from 1 to 10 except 5).

You can also use pattern matching feature to speed up the selection of a set of keys. Supported pattern matching could be something similar to:

  • *1 : Retrieve all keys that end in 1 ( for example:  01, 11, 21)
  • *1* : Retrieve all keys that include 1 (for example: 01, 10, 11, 12, 13, 21, 100)

In the next blog, I will update you with the steps on how to configure settings in order to enable multi value for Selection Option Variable based prompts. 

Hope this helps.