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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Objective - BTP the future of SAP for NonTechnical individual. Know how of BTP in simple words to explain to a business user. Article also explain a bit of commercial and account setup.

With an objective to provide business value to existing customers, SAP has started the idea of BTP (Business Technology Platform)

You are an SAP customer traditionally and have used SAP systems which were 4.6 B ECC S4 HANA and later the Cloud in the form of HEC, Public Cloud (Ariba, SuccessFactors, Concur or Field Glass) then you are at a huge advantage with BTP.

BTP provides you a development platform which will carry your organization's Global Account with specific Entitlements.

BTP Provides you services which are easily consumable using your account.

To simplify services some examples below.

  • BTP has ABAP development Environment

  • BTP has Workflow Management service

  • BTP Has Business Services

  • Development Tools Services

    • Web IDE full stack

    • HTML5 Application repository

  • Business Services

    • Master Data Integration

    • Invoice Object Recommendation

    • Document Management Service and Integrations

    • Form Service By Adobe

There are currently around 80 plus such services being offered which can be viewed in details here.

Another important feature that the BTP provides is around regions. Cloud solution is a region sensitive topic as we have regional laws to which abiding is mandatory.

The global account is having Sub Account as well and the sub account is region specific. The application can be deployed in specific regions.

Region is dependent on availability of IaaS which is partner like Amazon, Google and Alibaba who provides Cloud Services.

SAP has divided the following parameters by region.

  • Application

  • Services

  • Data

  • Environment

  • Infrastructure

To identify what services are available in the region you are planning to deploy the app you can click here.

Your region is associated with your subaccount. You may belong to America but the subaccount association can be with another region.

You need to carefully identify the services support that is provided in the region that your subaccount is associated to.

An Environment is made of the actual platform as a service.

Each Environment comes with Runtime, Services and Tools like below.

  • Cloud Foundry

  • ABAP

  • Kyma

  • Neo

The environment accounts have primarily two types.

  • Consumption Based

  • Subscription Based

    • you pay by duration (normally one to three years model)

Global Account contains region specific subaccount in a model where your needs are region specific for a global organization. Subaccount is specifically associated with environment in simple terms.

Subaccounts are often grouped by directories. One directory can contain multiple subaccounts.

All subscriptions of each type are at the Global Account level and are distributed to directories as needed in this model.

Based on account purchased, the quota for memory allocation etc works. There are service plans as a unit created and they are having quotas. Service carries Service plans and each service plan can carry one or more quota.

Primarily two types of user are part of BTP.

  • Platform User - Technical user (Developer, Administrator )

  • Business User - User of the applications developed on BTP (Business User)

BTP is primarily a development environment associated with SAP hence there are many tools and other services provided.

  • Tools - Cloud SDK, Cloud Connectors, SDK for IOS and android etc.

  • Programming Languages - They depend on environment i.e. Cloud foundry provides Java, HTML4, NodeJs, SAP HANA etc.

  • Based on SAP Cloud Application programing model the programing features are made available.

  • Continuous Integration and delivery

  • API - Use existing and build your own

  • Tools to Manage Cloud

In a nutshell above is a descent start for any individual to work with BTP. SAP is coming up with an amazing environment that offers flexible cloud sustainability for future.