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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

We are thrilled to share the wonderful news of our successful return from the first SAP Build Roadshow held in Hong Kong in June.  Despite the challenging weather conditions, we had an impressive turnout of 95% of the registrants! The enthusiasm shown by our esteemed customers and partners reaffirmed their keen interest in SAP Build portfolio, and their valuable feedback resonated deeply with us. Their unwavering belief in integrating SAP Build into their daily work processes to elevate productivity is truly inspiring. Now, let's embark on an enlightening journey as we delve into the interviews to uncover the invaluable insights gained by our customers!


How do you like Hong Kong Road show today?

"I think it was very good because it provided us with more insights into SAP Build solutions. Most of the time, we hear about these solutions, but we lack the knowledge of how to implement them effectively. This workshop was useful as it enabled us and provided us with the knowledge of how to incorporate these solutions into our company, and how easy it is to implement these tools!" replied Fabio Branquinho from Galaxy.

"First of all, it's very convenient and comprehensive. We can learn the latest technology in a short period of time. It's quite practical and easygoing," added Steven Leung from Dynasys.

"I think it's good! It's easy for my team to access, and it seems the program has addressed most of the difficulties, such as installing the applications or handling certain tasks. I saw most of my team members were able to handle it!" expressed Angela from c!ty’super.

During the SAP Build hands-on workshop

Do you think SAP Build products can be implemented in your daily business?

“Yes, definitely! You can see how fast it is to build these types of integrations and process flows, which used to take a lot more time. And now, with just a few clicks here and there, you can significantly speed up your business processes!” exclaimed Fabio Branquinho from Galaxy.

"Definitely! It's easy for us to grasp all the steps, and the user interfaces are also very user-friendly!" added Steven Leung from Dynasys.

Photo with Fabio Branquinho, Steven Leung, and Angela Ho

Which part of the exercises was your favorite today?

"I particularly enjoyed the SAP Build Apps part and how easy it is to connect them to the business processes. Building these types of flows and apps used to take a significant amount of time. However, in just a few hours here, you can build the entire app and the full processes!" shared Fabio Branquinho from Galaxy.

We extend our gratitude to Fabio, Steven, and Angela for their time in this interview and, more importantly, for their active participation in the SAP Build Hong Kong roadshow and the positive feedback they shared!

If you are interested in attending the SAP Build roadshow near your location, browse the Roadshow locations and check back as we add more stops 👉

Special thanks to our colleagues rebecca.yang, gregwong918, and joe_oyishyi for organizing and delivering insightful presentations, and to all our partners and customers who attended! Kudos to you!

A big thank you to all the fantastic participants of the Hong Kong roadshow!

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