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For many years you've had the option to monitor the successful execution of your core business process via classic Business Process Monitoring. As of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12, you also have the choice to monitor these business processes  via BPMon on MAI.

What are your advantages when using BPMon on MAI:

  • unified infrastructure for monitoring (same infrastructure used by technical monitoring), meaning reduced administration effort for you
  • unified use cases for job monitoring and interface channel monitoring - managed objects you have set up in Technical monitoring can be re-used in Business Process Monitoring on MAI, reducing the load caused on the managed system by the data collection
  • unified alert handling experience for end users, alert inbox used for BPMon on MAI uses same layout as alert inbox for technical monitoring
  • full use of features available in MAI for BPMon alerts (e.g. for alert notification and metric monitoring)
  • use of 'future' function (as of Solution Manager 7.2, classic BPMon will no longer be available)
  • Data providers for classic BPMon are reused by BPMon on MAI. This means that also your customer monitors will continue working for BPMon on MAI

You can decide per solution whether to use Classic BPMon or BPMon on MAI. On one Solution Manager system you can use solutions with BPMon on MAI in parallel to solutions using Classic BPMon. Important is that BPMon on MAI is only available for managed systems with basis 7.0 or higher. If you want to monitor a managed system with a lower basisrelease, you have to use classic BPMon.

You can automatically migrate a solution with classic BPMon to BPMon on MAI via report R_AGS_BPM_MIGRATE_SOLU_TO_MAI. This migration cannot be reversed, so the migration should normally start with the copying of the solution. For details on the migration steps see SAP note 2010999.

For details on how to set up Business Process Monitoring on MAI, see the available Setup Guide. For a general overview, see the Overview Presentation.

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