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As you might know Business Process Analytics was first introduced in 2010 with SAP Solution Manager 7.0 support package 23. A lot has happened since then, e.g. Business Process Analytics went mobile on the iPad. An overview about all features and the evolution of key figure content can be found in our central Business Process Analytics document. But something is not yet widely known - Business Process Analytics can also be used in an ad-hoc and real time manner. This additional feature is already available since SAP Solution Manager 7.1 support package 10 and it works no matter whether your managed system is running on SAP HANA or "anyDB". The name of our Web Dynpro application implies that it is only working for SAP HANA, but this is not correct.

Technical prerequisites

You require SAP Solution Manager 7.1 with support package 10 or higher.

Your managed system should have ST-A/PI 01Q with support package 2 or later implemented. Additionally you should implement SAP note 2085063 - Business Process Analytics powered by SAP HANA related collector returns result list in wr...

If you a re looking for a complete description of all necessary technical prerequisites, it is best to refer to SAP note 2105720 - Business process Analytics powered by SAP HANA - prerequisites.

Additionally required configuration

In order to get the ad-hoc/real time Business Process Analytics working you have to create a new connector instance for the BPM_HANA_SUITE connector in the Data Source Manager.

As the new Web Dynpro application is not integrated in the Business Process Operations work center, you should create your own favorite in order to directly access the application.

Using Business Process Analytics powered by SAP HANA

After creating the favorite, you can just click on the hyperlink and can access the selection screen from Business Process Analytics powered by SAP HANA. It looks very similar to the "traditional" Business Process Analytics. The main difference is that you do not have to select a solution. You just chose a system and client combination and then you have to filter for the key figure of interest (out of the 900+ available ones).

When selecting and executing one key figure the data collection is immediately triggered in the connected managed system and as soon as the data collection is finished, you get the Business Process Analytics analysis screen. SO compared to the "traditional" Business Process Analytics no setup and scheduling of key figures is required.

Also the analysis screen is very similar to the "traditional" Business Process Analytics, but "only" the Advanced Benchmarking and the Age Analysis are available as "Analysis Types". No Benchmarking or Trend Analysis is provided as these features require some InfoCube access, which is not available per definition as we perform some ad-hoc, real time execution.

The Detail Analysis is of course available in order to jump into the corresponding result list and accessing every single document if required.

Further reading

You can find all necessary information about Business Process Analytics in this document.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Monitoring and Business Process Analytics are answered under and respectively. The following blogs (in chronological order) provide further details about Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring functionalities within the SAP Solution Manager.