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After months of changing market dynamics and deploying corrective business strategies, businesses across all industries are establishing a new set of priorities for 2022 and beyond. For example, executives overseeing the lead to cash process are looking to extend the benefits of enhanced customer processes and align recent learnings with 2022 go-to-market strategies and goals. They are looking to continuously improve their understandings around customer demand and improve each customer interaction – creating and sustaining differentiated customer value with intelligent products and services that deliver impactful outcomes.

Similarly, as supply chain constraints and labor shortages persist, organizations must reevaluate and adjust business processes to account for systems that are still under intense strain to deliver on customer expectations. They must also consistently act in ways that protect revenue and encourage growth with more intelligent spend management practices. That's a heavy burden for any business – let alone an individual department – to achieve by itself.

In his latest blog, Jagdish Sahasrabudhe, chief technology officer of the Global Partner Organization at SAP, noted the importance of having the right partner and enablement tools when innovating better ways to move forward.

"For most companies, the increasing complexity and dynamics of these business areas require the assistance of partners that embrace open innovation and have a forward-looking view," said Sahasrabudhe. "The expectation is clear: creative ideation, experimentation, and technology expertise must be combined to bring to life unique and impactful solutions that anticipate tomorrow's business process requirements."

SAP partners are certainly up for the task. Every day, they are helping SAP customers strengthen total spend management and maximize margins while keeping up with fast-moving customer expectations and market demands. And a vital part of their efforts is access to SAP Business Technology Platform, leveraging a broad portfolio of integration servicesanalyticscustomer experience solutions, and business network solutions.

Want to know how our partners' latest efforts are helping our customers find a balance between innovative customer experiences and intelligent spend management? Check out Jagdish Sahasrabudhe's blog "Extending the Boundaries of Today's Technologies (Part 2)