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Data is a core element of the digital transformation journey, and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) can create a competitive advantage by leveraging technologies that can derive value from their information assets.

Analytics can help ISVs accelerate innovation and transform their applications. There is a wide range of analytics use cases for applications, from embedding insights to help users make faster, more informed decisions; automating tasks and processes using machine learning; to completely re-inventing the way you deliver your products and services using a data-driven approach.

If your company is building a new application or looking to modernize an existing one, ask your team this simple question: “are we giving our users the highest possible value of the data in the application?”. If the answer is not a resounding YES, you may want to consider leveraging modern analytics technology to turn that data into more value.

At SAP we leverage advanced technologies like machine learning, IoT and analytics to infuse intelligence into our own applications. For example, SAP Applications such as S/4HANA Cloud , SAP Fraud Management, SAP C/4HANA and many more are enabled and embedded with pre-built predictive and machine learning models for use case such as forecasting the delivery dates for the stock transport orders or for enabling fraud detection in real-time.

To fully extract the insights from your data, you’ll need the right technology to support you. The same technologies that make SAP applications great are available to ISV partners wanting to make their own applications more intelligent. With SAP Analytics Cloud integration APIs it is possible to access functionality provided by SAP Analytics Cloud from external applications; machine learning algorithms built using SAP Predictive Analytics can also be embedded into any application running in the cloud or on-premise.

Another great example is Hagleitner. They built an analytics-enabled solution to reinvent the management of the soap, disinfectant, towel, and paper dispensers used by its large-facility customers; and by doing that they made a major business model transition from selling products to selling services to those customers. Their solution is based on IoT technology, SAP Cloud Platform, and the SAP Analytics Cloud solution.

There are many ways to add value to applications using Analytics. To learn more about use cases that you can address using our latest SAP Analytics Cloud solution, attend this virtual webinar that I will be hosting on June 26th.