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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

UPDATE: Nov 2022 – the series has been completely revised for 2022

Creation of cloud-first applications to extend core LoB solutions continues to be a hot topic.

One such LoB solution is SAP SuccessFactors.

OData APIs have been available for some time but how best to make use them? This is particularly true for side-by-side scenarios requiring enterprise grade authentication and authorization including single sign-on.

You might be wondering where to start and exactly which technology components get used where and exactly how to fit them all together?

We’ve just published a new tutorial series covering a very simple end-to-end sidecar extension scenario which you can access here:

Building Extensions for SAP SuccessFactors using APIs and Events Playlist

The scenario includes highlighting the location of US-based candidates on an interactive map:

It also covers how to trigger and process events a recruitment candidate's details have been updated:

Tutorials cover a simple scenario that incorporates key aspects of developing side-by-side extensions to SAP SuccessFactors.

Technologies used include SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP SuccessFactors Extensibility, SAP Event Mesh, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Launchpad, and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP).

So whether you’ve already got a scenario in mind and want to get going or you’re simply interested in seeing exactly how to get started hopefully these videos will be of use.

You can access the tutorials directly as follows:

Yeoman Generator to jump-start Full Stack Cloud Applications.

If you’re new to SAP Business Technology Platform itself then you might also want to check out our onboarding video tutorial series which should hopefully get you up to speed pretty quickly.

Subscribe to the SAP HANA Academy YouTube channel for updates or join us on LinkedIn:

Good luck in creating your own extension applications in SAP Business Technology Platform and let us know your feedback in the comments section below!