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SAP  Integration Suite is a versatile, dynamic and enterprise-grade iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) from SAP that simplifies and accelerates enterprise integration and helps organizations to quickly transition to becoming intelligent enterprises. It is an open and modular iPaaS supporting a comprehensive set of end-to-end integration scenarios. Integration scenarios represent the customer-jobs-to-done, the modular set of integration services work together in cohesion to support these customer scenarios. More details on SAP Integration Suite is covered in this blog from harshavardhan.jegadeesan .



In SAP Integration Suite we have services like Open Connectors which provides feature rich pre-built connectors to 160+ non-SAP cloud applications and API Management which enables our customers to manage the end to end API life cycle with secure access to the data and process using API Security best practices. Click here to view all the integration scenarios and services supported by SAP Integration Suite.

In this blog series we focus on a specific customer integration job to be done, which is of building an enterprise grade digital applications combining data from SAP and non-SAP applications.

For building this scenario, we would using Open Connectors to access data from non-SAP application using harmonized APIs from CRM Hubs. This harmonized APIs would be managed by API Management where all the security best practices and governance policies would be applied. Finally we will be building a Fiori application to display this harmonized data from any of the non-SAP CRM applications of your choice. A high level solution blue-print of this sample application is captured in the below figure.



Part 1: Use Common Resource templates for Harmonized APIs to non-SAP CRM Hubs

Common Resources provide a canonical data model view of your data objects eliminating the need for point-to-point mapping of data to each and every new application. This enables you to keep the application code clean and simple. Since the Common Resources are exposed as APIs you could use the common resources in an application of your choice whether it is a Fiori based Web application or your mobile application enabling you to re-use your mapping across multiple application and integration scenarios.

Open Connectors provides a library of Common Resource templates for some of the most common use cases. These Common Resources templates includes the necessary field mapping and all the required JavaScript transformations to transform data provided by some of the most frequently used non-SAP connectors into single, normalized resources.

Refer this blog to use a common resource template named basic-companies to connect to a non-SAP CRM Hub of your choice.

Part 2: Manage APIs from non-SAP CRM Hubs using SAP Cloud Platform API Management

API Management drastically reduce the time to build application and integration in addition to guaranteeing the benefits of security, traffic management and deep-analytics. It reduces complexity by leveraging a single provisioning platform (API Platform) to provide unified access and governance of APIs across a heterogeneous landscape. SAP Cloud Platform API Management also enables you to share digital assets and engage with developer, partner communities to consume these assets in new channels, devices and user interfaces.

The Open Connectors API Provider in API Management enables you to discover and manage the APIs from non-SAP ecosystem maintained in your Open Connectors tenant.

Refer this blog to use Open Connectors provider to seamlessly manage any non-SAP APIs from the CRM Hubs.

Part 3: Build Fiori application connecting to non-SAP applications

Application developers can quickly build extensions application (such as for Line of Business applications), mobile applications or web applications by consuming the SAP Cloud Platform API Management managed APIs directly from SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE or iOS SDK Assistant.

Refer this blog to build a Fiori application connecting to any non-SAP APIs from the CRM Hubs via the harmonized APIs.


Finally, SAP Integration Suite is a cohesive Integration Suite on the cloud to simplify integration for our customers by combing together the right set of services. To learn more about SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, visit us at SAP Community.