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As technology advances from the digital era to the intelligence era, organizations are confronted with the question of how to best optimize the value they get from their IT systems and related technologies. To answer this, and to realize accelerated business growth, they must seek to automate and fully integrate business systems and embed intelligence into every aspect of their organization.

SAP is wholly committed to helping every organization realize the benefits of becoming an intelligent enterprise through the integration of advanced analytics and predictive technologies, leveraging all the benefits of running in the cloud. SAP’s goal is to achieve this outcome not through complexity but with simplification of all processes, driving to one version of the truth and clarity of insights.

SAP has worked to become a leader in the field of cloud-based solutions to pass on the immense benefits to its customers. This is the path of innovation, in which independent software vendors (ISVs) can participate as true partners ‒ partners who will lead our shared customers to the goal of the Intelligent Enterprise.

Why is this the right time?

  • The capacity exists to securely connect data no matter where it resides.

  • Advanced analytics is revealing the true context surrounding organizational data.

  • Intelligent technologies automatically detect patterns in the data, recommend the best course of action, and optimize workflow.

SAP is looking for great partners who want to innovate and to support organizations to become best-run businesses. Together we can utilize advanced analytics for the benefit of your customers and ours. We understand that to remain competitive and relevant to your market space you must seek out opportunities to accelerate innovation and reach your business and market goals.

In the intelligence era, organizations need to have seamless integration between all applications and technology to be able to act quickly. SAP Analytics Cloud brings together business intelligence (BI) and planning and enhances those existing capabilities with machine learning and artificial intelligence, allowing people to work smarter. Our cohesive platform offers you a faster time to value, while giving your customers the confidence to take the next best action through informed decision-making, using augmented analytics.

The power of SAP Analytics Cloud lies in its simplicity and the enormous business value that augmented analytics delivers. It enables organizations to uncover new trends, plan for success, and execute on their strategies using features such as smart analytics, smart planning, and the smart command center (or digital boardroom).

Smart analytics uncovers new trends – Employ machine learning techniques to enable your customers to more rapidly discover trends within their data that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by creating visualizations from raw data.

Smart planning guides success – Once these trends and patterns are understood, your customers are then able to plan their success in terms of setting goals and targets. It is crucial that new trends and new revenue opportunities are fed into annual planning cycles. This ensures alignment across an organization, with common metrics, a common business plan, and common expectations. Solutions include forward-looking budgeting, collaborative revenue forecasting, long-range strategic planning, workforce and capital planning, predictive planning, and what-if planning.

The smart command center (digital boardroom) directs execution and assessment – With a plan in place, organizations are ready to execute and assess the next best action. With machine learning and predictive capabilities, organizations can forecast how they will perform against their plan and focus on areas of the business that are predicted to underperform – taking proactive steps to change the outcome. For example, they can look at business optimizations that increase revenue or reduce costs for a product line, service offering, or sales location. Predictive and prescriptive technologies come together in SAP Analytics Cloud to help organizations quickly act, quantify results, and achieve their business goals.

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