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SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP's strategic platform for analysis and has connectors to most SAP operational data. With the availability of the Qualtrics connector, it is now possible to analyse your operational data along with experience data to derive even more meaningful insights!

Watch how SAP Cloud for Customer Sales and Service operational KPIs like Opportunity win ratio and Tickets created can be analysed together with data coming from Qualtrics survey responses for CSAT(Customer Satisfaction) and Touchpoint NPS(Net Promoter Score). This is available as standard business content with QRC 2 2020 release of SAP Analytics Cloud in the content package SAP Qualtrics - Touchpoint NPS.

Let me elaborate a bit on how we built the model for Touchpoint NPS.

You may have several surveys - each specific to a touchpoint. The model SAP__QUAL_NPS_IM_TOUCHPOINTNPS can be fed by survey results from the different touchpoints. In this case every survey could have it's own design for questions but there is always an NPS question and an associated text field to provide reason for a specific rating.

I followed the blog Best Practices for consuming Qualtrics surveys in SAP Analytics Cloud. NPS is calculated as a KPI as mentioned in the section Modeling different types of questions.

Here's the structure of the model.

There are 2 embedded fields that the surveys need to have. As I want to know the touchpoint for which a survey is created, I maintain this information as an embedded field in the survey and give it a fixed value for each survey - e.g: chatbot for a chatbot survey or email for an email survey.

I also maintain another embedded field in the survey - embeddedfield1 whose value comes through the triggering url. In case of this model, I am passing the customer account id of the survey recipient. It could also be used to pass any other association like cost center etc depending on the nature of the survey.

In the model, during wrangling I associate these metadata fields with the corresponding dimensions in the model i.e. Touchpoint of survey metadata to Touchpoint dimension of the model. For each survey using the Qualtrics connector, I select the survey to import the response data into the model.  Append mode is used for scheduling uploads of data.

Looking into the story SAP__QUAL_NPS_TOUCHPOINTNPS, models based on different sources are linked on a common dimension - customer account. This helps in filtering and linked analysis across charts.

If Text IQ is enabled for the surveys, then the sentiment analysis can also be made available in SAP Analytics Cloud as is mentioned in the documentation.

The screenshots give a preview of how  operational data from C4C Sales and Service is analysed along with experience data from Qualtrics in this standard business content.

I hope you enjoy analyzing operational data in conjunction with experience data as much as I do!

The SAP Analytics Cloud content documentation provides instructions on how to configure this content.
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