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Product and Topic Expert

Check out this 4-minute highlight video from the guided demo session

HR personnel often have to input data manually, which can be very repetitive and time consuming. Further, manual entry (including cutting and pasting from one system to another) is prone to keystroke and other errors. While some systems offer a variety of APIs for integration purposes, that is not always the case, and in any event, creating and implementing new routines in such systems requires users to have a certain level of technical expertise.

But what if you could find a simple way to automate these kinds of data entry tasks, thereby saving time and reducing mistakes — and do so without having to get IT personnel heavily involved?



SAP Business Technology Platform offers  SAP Intelligent RPA as part of our digital process automation portfolio, which includes other products and capabilities such as SAP Workflow Management.

SAP Intelligent RPA allows you to use low-code/no-code automation to enable software bots take over routine, mundane tasks and open a path within your department and company to “hyperautomation,” which Gartner identified as one of the top five trends in HR for 2021. Nearly 50% of all HR departments surveyed plan on expending resources to implement and develop hyperautomation as part of their strategy to streamline processes (thus saving time and money).

Let’s look at an example of how SAP Business Technology Platform tools support “citizen developers” and other non-technical experts in the quest to automate repetitive tasks.



A few weeks ago we presented a guided demo on “Getting employee details using SAP Intelligent RPA” as part of the Hyperautomation Webinar Series, and thought I should share the video from that session here.


Dive deeper with the 30-min. guided demo for SAP Intelligent RPA

During the demo part of the video, you’ll see how SAP Intelligent RPA can piggyback on SAP UI5 capabilities to collect employee data from a dedicated website. In this example, the citizen developer uses simple drag-and-drop actions and click-based UI elements to create a bot that goes through employee files on the company portal, extracts specific data elements, and enters that data into an Excel file. You’ll also see how easily you can share that bot-generated Excel file with other stakeholders with just a click.



A few key takeaways from the video:

  • Implementing this kind of bot-driven scenario does not require a user to be an IT expert.

  • As the bot harvests information directly from the web-based data that the employees themselves have provided, the process eliminates keystroke and other data entry errors (no more misspelled names)!

  • Since the bot enters the results into an Excel spreadsheet, they can be instantly shared with team members and relevant decision-makers.

  • Adding onto the process — adding more data fields, for example — is extremely simple, requiring only a few clicks.

Keep in mind that this is just a sample process to show what SAP Intelligent RPA is capable of in terms of automating HR tasks. You can find a deck of other relevant ideas and use cases specific to HR processes here.



I would love to know if you and other HR personnel in your company are discussing this topic:

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.