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Hello! Welcome to this tutorial blog post series 🙂

It is intentioned for consultants/users who want to exercise their integration skills using SAP Integration suite capabilities and SAP Build Apps (formerly SAP AppGyver) to quickly develop a custom app that can consume SAP Integration Suite APIs. By following the blog posts, you'll be able to build your own project with a step by step guide.  This Tutorial Blog Series surely can help you out in your adventure using the suite and also, to solve many doubts about how to consume services, including some features that I was looking for documentation and couldn't find. Special thanks to Javier Garcia, for always being so supportive.

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Follow this very same tutorial series in this Mission:


For this complete Tutorial Blog Series we are going to simulate a sales transaction on buying a new refrigerator using a SAP Build Apps custom app, while consuming different SAP and 3rd party services. In other words, we are going to:

  1. Consume a SAP Open Connector service to connect to a 3rd party application. In this case Stripe, for a payment transaction.

  2. After the payment transaction is done. Generate a Sales Order consuming an OData service from a SAP Sales and Service Core (formerly SAP Cloud for Customer or C4C) environment.

  3. Then, we are going to set up SMS as notification after the sales order is successfully created, using a Twilio API.

  4. Later, we are going to apply API Management Policies to SAP Cloud Integration to avoid CORS issues and to securely trigger calls to the API with an API Key without having to expose the SAP BTP / Integration Suite credentials.

  5. Finally, we are going to integrate it with SAP Build Apps, by enabling in the Data Connection the API Key to call the Cloud Integration Flow from SAP Build Apps.

And ta-dá!! Integration scenario is set up (I'm going to use this very same message for the last successful message in the last blog when integrating it with SAP Build Apps).

To illustrate, here's the demo scenario's architecture:

Note: for authentication purposes, I'm using the SAP default Identity Provider which is already configured in the SAP BTP trial account.


Tutorial Blog Post Series - Sections

I'm going to divide these exercises into different blog posts to not make it so long in one alone.

  1. Build an integral SAP Integration Suite project and consume it from a SAP Build Apps custom app - Tutorial Blog Post Series Introduction [Here you are in this blog post]

    • Check prerequisites for SAP Integration Suite, Open Connectors, API Management, SAP Sales and Service Core (formerly SAP Cloud for Customer) from SAP Customer Experience portfolio and SAP Build Apps (formerly SAP AppGvyer).

  2. Consume a Stripe service from SAP Open Connectors and SAP Cloud Integration to create payment transactions [Link]

  3. Set up Write, Filter and Get tasks in SAP Cloud Integration to save, filter and get your needed message to execute other operations in your Integration Flow [Link]

  4. Consume a SAP Sales and Service Core API to create Sales Orders using an OData receiver adapter in SAP Cloud Integration [Link]

  5. Send application/x-www-form-urlencoded data to a HTTP receiver adapter in SAP Cloud Integration to send SMS messages consuming a Twilio API [Link]

  6. Integrate SAP Build Apps with SAP Integration Suite, consuming an Integration Flow levering SAP API Management policies [Link]



  • You have a SAP BTP account or trial account. If you don't have an account, it is recommended to start using the several SAP BTP Free-Tier services available, this tutorial can help you. If you want to use the "regular" trial account, create one by registering here.

  • You have created a SAP Integration Suite instance in the "Instances and Subscriptions" tab:

  • Click on the already generated SAP Integration Suite instance and add the capabilities: Cloud Integration, API Management (with its API Business Enterprise Hub) and Open Connectors. In my case, I added all to have full capabilities, but you don't need them all for this scenario.

  • Go back to the "Security -> Users" tab and make sure you add the "MessageSend" role, because you'll need it to execute requests to the Integration Flow (I had to add it manually in by Assigning its Role Collection).

  • Then you'll need to go back to the "Trial Home -> <BTP Account Id>" and click on Boosters to start the Integration Suite Booster (this task will create the instance, roles and services keys needed to use the service).

  • You have a Stripe account or trial account. If you don't have one, you can create one here. When done, go to "Dashboards" and create a new customer information. Add a testing card to this new customer, you can select one here. I created a customer called "Jane Doe".

  • You have a SAP Sales and Service Core tenant (formerly SAP Cloud for Customer or SAP C4C) with admin rights. Unfortunately a trial isn't available. But if you don't have an account you may want to test this Sales Order creation exercise with any other platform, such as your SAP S/4HANA Cloud directly (if On Premise, follow this blog post to know how to expose your API). If you don't have a  S/4HANA environment, maybe you want to try out the free trial here. (I haven't test the integration with the S/4HANA trial environment, but you can try if you want to).

    • In SAP C4C, you have created the product with which we will simulate the purchase. This is the one I've created, a Samsung Refrigerator:

  • You have a Twilio developers account or trial account. You can create your trial account here.

    • Configure a Twilio phone number (as the sender's phone number)

    • Validate your phone number (to be able to test reception of SMS messages from Twilio)

    • And copy and paste your Twilio developer account Id, API's user and password, we are going to use this later.

  • You have an SAP Build Apps account or trial account (SAP Build Apps Community Edition) and you have created an application

    • You can create your trial account here.

    • Create a custom app, you can follow this blog post I created before.


After getting the prerequisites mentioned above already set up, check out the next blog to start setting up a Stripe Open connector and testing it in your Integration flow from SAP Cloud Integration [Link].

Hope you'll enjoy this Tutorial series.


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