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Update, March 16, 2017
Latest predictions, analysis, and smart insights to be shared here by the SAP DataGenius team.

Best of luck with your brackets!




It’s that time of year college hoops fans! The SAP DataGenius is diving into this year’s madness and using the latest innovations in cloud analytics product SAP BusinessObjects Cloud to breakdown which teams will advance in this year’s college basketball tournament. The team used analytics capabilities including; data preparation, modelling, data exploration, planning and what-if analysis, visual storytelling, and automated smart data discovery to uncover hidden insights into which teams will perform best in the tournament. Let’s have a look at how the winning bracket was created.

Data acquisition
Every year it's a scramble to cobble together interesting and useful data, not that different from how we deal with data and analysis in the business world. This year it was a snap to pull the latest college stats from the web, using a Google Doc.

Linking data
To enrich our data model we pulled additional insights from the web and added them to our college basketball data. With a few clicks and smart data suggestions provided by BusinessObjects Cloud, we can easily join data together and enhance our model.

Cleansing data
Once we created our model, it was easy to clean it by changing headers, adjusting columns and rows, and removing any messy data. With a few clicks we now have it structure it the way we want to begin our analysis.

Exploring data
With the data modeled and cleansed we can switch into data exploration mode to begin asking questions of the data and apply visual charts to better see and understand the data. For example, which teams have the best defense and which are best offensively?

Building a story
Now we begin to formulate a story based on our analysis and build charts and visualizations to support our insights. We can do this with manually or have BusinessObjects Cloud automatically do it for us using the “Build my Story” feature.

Find hidden insights and correlations with smart data discovery
Next we can apply automated machine learning algorithms, without any need to know data science or advance analytical procedures. With a click we can apply the power of machine learning to the data and uncover relationships and insights we may not have considered. For example, which team stats should we pay most attention to as indicators to success?

Share and collaborate on our insights
From here, we can bring in the knowledge of other on the team by sharing our data story and using collaboration with our data genius team around the globe. The team can access the data model and story to apply their own insights.

What insights did we uncover?
It’s not that easy sports fans, you’ll have to wait and see how SAP’s Data Genius predictions and analysis.  We’ll share results as the rounds of the tournament unfold and provide updated analysis and insights based on team performance.

What insights can you uncover?
Do you have what it takes to beat the SAP Data Genius bracket? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
Step 1:
Grab some data:
Google Doc
College basketball data set in Excel

Step 2:
Try SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

Step 3:
Let the trash talk begin and share your results using #vizthemadness with @SAPAnalytics

Looking forward to seeing what insights you can come up with.

What data project are you working on? The SAP Data Genius team would like to hear about it. Tap into the community of analytics and data experts and join the SAP Data Genius Challenge in 2017, more details to come.

Enjoy the madness!

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