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What is SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)? 

SAP BTP is platform-as-a-service focused around the intelligent enterprise. It consists of four pillars and includes all of the functionality that was part of the sunset SAP Cloud Platform brand name. The pillars focus on analytics, application development and integration with non-SAP solutions, database and data management, and intelligent technologies. 

Business Technology Platform

How is BTP relevant in the new RISE with SAP Program? 

Earlier this year SAP introduced the RISE with SAP program which offers our customers Business Transformation as a Service. RISE with SAP helps companies to get started with cloud SAP solutions. It accelerates cloud adoption as it takes a lot of the guesswork and piecemeal license purchases out of enterprise planning: It provides customers with all the tools they need. The solution revolves around six key areas of business that were selected for RISE with SAP after analyzing customer trends and other in-house analysis of SAP products. You can refer to this excellent blog from SAP Press for more details on the RISE with SAP program.  

The six key areas are  

  1. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite,  

  2. System Hosting Options,  

  3. SAP Business Network Starter Pack,  

  4. SAP BTP Consumption Credits,  

  5. Business Process Intelligence and  

  6. Embedded Tools and Services 

Amongst these the SAP BTP Consumption Credits allow our customers/partners to integrate, extend their business processes along with deriving value from the data. While there are credits provided as a starting point they can always be enhanced based on requirement. Here are the details of the services available. 


Alright, what can I do with BTP? 

Here’s a good summary of what you can do (and more) with BTP: 

  • Access thousands of prebuilt integrations to SAP and third-party applications, unlocking your data and services securely with API management and providing scale and robustness with event-based integration 

  • Automate SAP S/4HANA processes with prebuilt bots to accelerate automation, dramatically streamlining operations, reducing costs, and freeing people from mundane tasks to focus on higher-value work 

  • Combine data from SAP S/4HANA and third-party sources to deliver real-time, actionable insights 

  • Use cloud data management, advanced analytics, enterprise planning, and business intelligence tools to enable data-driven decisions 

  • And much more…  


What are these “Consumption Credits” of BTP? 

The CPEA (Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement) is one of the Consumption-Based Commercial Models to consume BTP services. Included with RISE are credits of CPEA to the customer where using these credits the customer can consume these services. With these services you can do everything and more as mentioned above. 


What are the services of BTP under CPEA? How do I use them? 

Under the 4 pillars of analytics, application development and integration with non-SAP solutions, database and data management, and intelligent technologies we have several services that can be consumed. Refer to this link to understand 

  1. Service Description  

  2. Pricing 

  3. Data Center details 

  4. Roadmap  

  5. Customer Stories  

  6. Further Details  


Ok, so what can I build with these services? 

Under these three themes customers and partners are using SAP BTP to solve their business needs and drive innovation. 

  1. Integration - Compose and connect end-to-end business processes 

  2. Data to Value - Create advanced insights and decide with confidence 

  3. Extensibility - Achieve rapid innovation 

Find some of the use cases here. 


Interesting. Is there an example of an innovative solution from BTP? 

Here is a nice example – SAP BTP helps you to Simplify and automate processing of business documents 

Extract data from business documents and structure the data quickly and easily. Find out how you can combine SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA) services and the Document Information Extraction service in SAP AI Business Services to automate the processing of PDF documents. 

  • Desktop-based process automation design 

  • Integration of third-party technologies 

  • Visual debugger for process automation 

  • Centralized package distribution 


What about the consumption - how do I know my consumption analysis? 

The BTP cockpit provides a separate tab called “Usage Analytics” which displays the service usage for filtered by: 

  1. Environment 

  2. Service 

  3. Directory/Subaccount 

  4. Space  

  5. Period 


Usage Analysis

This all sounds great, where can I start to learn more about BTP? How do I enable my developers? 

SAP has multiple channels through which you can learn about BTP, build apps and leverage the latest and greatest services of our technology platform. Some of these channels are: 

  1. Tutorials Navigator for SAP Developers 

  2. OpenSAP – The Open Online Courses from SAP 

  3. SAP HANA Academy – The YouTube channel with 73k subscribers helping customers and partners learn more about SAP BTP. 

  4. Official SAP BTP Help Documentation