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There could be 50B connected devices in the Internet of Things by 20301 and Big Data is doubling every 18 months2 [Infographic].  Our physical and digital worlds are converging to create a global nervous system. The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing a wave of disruption as organizations try to tap into the bidirectional data and revolutionize the way their businesses operate.

This offers huge opportunities for ISVs to transform their own software solutions and business models (enabled through connected devices and sensors), by offering new data driven, real-time analytics and intelligence.

A large number of businesses are already using sensors, IoT gateways, and smart applications to capture context sensitive information at the edges of the enterprise and they are using that information to drive better decision-making:

  • A supply chain logistics management system analyzes data from connected vehicles, cargo containers and rail systems to optimize routing and schedule cargo loading.
  • A farm tractor equipped with imbedded sensors provides real-time measurements of mechanical components and transmits the data for predictive maintenance analysis.
  • A retailer has beacon networks that track customers who choose to participate in promotions. In-store customer locations are transmitted based on mobile phone data for analysis of shopping patterns related to in-store promotions.

Many of these connected devices are only connected some of the time. Therefore, ISVs must turn to self-managing, self-tuning embedded database software to enable the devices to work “offline”, with automatic synchronization when connections are available again. 

SAP SQL Anywhere (a robust embedded data management solution) is ideal for supporting scenarios such as these, where large volumes of data are created at the edge of the network and may not be transported to data centers regularly. The software is engineered specifically for deployment in remote environments or locations that lack IT resources. 

SAP SQL Anywhere is extremely lightweight, integrates with enterprise systems running on servers, desktops, mobile or remote environments, and can be deployed on devices with minimal compute and storage capacity. It has integrated self-managing, data synchronization capabilities, and that is what makes this technology special.

SAP SQL Anywhere recently ranked 1st in a 2015 price/performance study3 against many other popular data management solutions.

To learn more about SAP SQL Anywhere explore the following resources:

Discover how a co-innovation partnership with SAP can help you leverage market-leading SAP® technology and deliver the data-driven intelligence your customers need to unlock the emerging opportunities offered by billions of connections.


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