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For enterprises, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a future vision. It helps predict and shape future outcomes, allows people to do higher-value work, automates and optimizes business processes, decisions, and experiences. Organizations across various industries use Artificial Intelligence as a catalyst for business process disruption, digital transformation, and accelerated innovation. Given that AI is used and applied correctly, it can offer transformational possibilities to our customers, businesses, and society.

Effort and failure rates are high for complex custom AI development projects. Many organizations are still investing in creating their own AI models to support their unique needs. The American learning company O'Reilly examined the question: what is the main bottleneck of holding back further AI adoption? It showed that most people (23%) think that the company culture does not yet recognize the needs for AI. This answer was directly followed by lack of data or data quality issues (19%), lack of skilled people (18%), and difficulties in identifying appropriate business use cases (17%).

Because of these and many more AI challenges, organizations will experience AI as embedded within a packaged application.

We’ve heard that very often. Customers want AI to be a part of SAP's standard delivery. And that is what we do. SAP infuses AI into applications and business processes in two ways:

  • Embedding AI natively in SAP applications

Embedded AI means customers consume AI functionality natively as part of SAP standard applications. SAP provides either pre-trained models such as ExpenseIt in SAP Concur or models trained on the customer's own data like SAP Cash Application.

  • Exposing business-relevant capabilities via SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to customers and partners. 

SAP offers AI technology directly to our customers via SAP BTP and exposes the underlying services and solutions. With that, customers and partners can extend SAP systems, create custom applications and get value out of their data.

Customers and business users can simply configure AI as part of their standard workflow. This contrasts with a typical risky and complicated custom development and data science project. This way, we bring AI to everyone.

Do you have questions? Let me tell you what's on top of our minds during our first SAP Community Call in 2021.

You were all invited to join simona.marincei and me for an interactive discussion. Learn more about SAP's AI strategy and how we embed AI into our standard portfolio. Simona will show you a hands-on example of how small-and mid-size enterprises use AI, busting the myth that AI is only meant for the bigger sharks of the business.

Take a look on our AI Community page and check what's new with AI at SAP.

I look forward to having a great conversation with you.