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With Smart Insights feature in SAC, we bring out interesting hidden insights from data directly in the hands of business users. Without this feature, analysis done manually can take lot of time or could be incorrect or may hold a human bias or unanticipated factors may remain locked.

To fulfil this goal of automated insights, lot of actions take place behind the scenes in deciding most significant factors for a specific business context. But even the best of engineering and machine automation is incomplete unless it gets combined with the brain, knowledge and experience from ‘Business’. This is why we have introduced the customization feature for Smart Insights and starting with Q1’QRC 2021 of SAC – you can now use these settings to control Top 5 Contributors.

So now whenever you feel that results generated by Smart Insights Top Contributors are too technical OR obvious OR duplicates OR already seen OR not business relevant- you can exclude those unwanted dimensions and/or members from your analysis using the customization settings.

In this example, while understanding ‘what impacts the Production Order Quantity more’, I found Smart Insights results where:

  • OPERATIONSEQUENCE_KEY is too technical for me to take any action

  • In the SIZE dimension I seem to have blank values or ‘No Value’ which could be due to data issue or internal placeholder thus not relevant for sharing

With Smart Insights Settings in Edit mode of story now, I can exclude these dimension/members and thus increase relevancy of generated insights for information workers(production managers in this example) who will consume my analysis. Note: Excluding ‘All Members’ of dimension would mean entire dimension is excluded and values excluded will be ignored for lifespan of story.


In this case, as a result of excluding unwanted factors, I for example could see which Products drive more Order Quantity.

This setting is small but a powerful enhancement which proves that Machine and Humans can co-exist and together bring a meaningful world for everyone. 😊