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One of the perks of being employed by SAP is getting to see how the entire tech industry is working to reshape how we work with electronic data.

While I’m often called upon to relate  SAP’s strategy with regards to Mobility and being the Cloud Company Powered by Hana, I was enlightened by the talk given by our co-sponsor Cisco and have a greater appreciation for how our customers can derive benefit from our joint solutions. Allow me to share what I’ve learned.

In March of 2009 Cisco, who we all know for their Networking products, decided to enter the Enterprise Server market. One might think it was crazy to try to go toe-to-toe with giants like IBM, DELL or HP but Cisco actually had a distinct edge.

The age old computer bottlenecks of disk I/O to RAM to CPU movement of data have been done away with. Today, we now process data from SSD to In-Memory computing and Massively Parallel processing. Cisco managed to remove the next bottleneck. We now have PCs with numerous cores and CPUs on a single blade but getting these PCs to see each other and work together means you need to transverse the Network. Cisco’s UCS system does away with traditional Network cards that were physically inserted in to servers and virtualizes the entire environment.  This enables quicker and more flexible machine to machine collaboration and shaves critical time off of the process. Better yet, there is a reduced amount of hardware, cabling, lower power requirements and  less cooling.

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Like Hana as a software platform, Cisco’s UCS architecture makes the hardware infrastructure exponentially more powerful paving the way for an entirely new generation of computing potential. Both Cisco and SAP Hana have made numerous world record benchmarks with their latest technology offerings.  The slide below illustrates real-world improvements one of our joint customers has seen.

(Click Slide for High Res View)

While our event at the Indy 500 practice sessions brought a bit of rain and lacked any rolling (rubber) thunder; we did get to hear about and see lots of bare metal horsepower from the industry elite, both on and off the track.