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As the feedback for our joint design thinking project with BPW in March was very positive we decided to continue with this concept and started a second design thinking workshop.

Together with BPW we again invited our customers and partners to join the design thinking workshop in the BPW Innovation Lab in Siegburg. 15 people followed our invitation and engaged with us in exiting workshops and group discussions accompanied by special design thinking artists.

The relatively small group size enabled intensive and concentrated teamwork. The collaboration of the different firms with heterogenous backgrounds was very positive and allowed effective ideas. Even though the tasks and topics were kind of similar to our last workshop the results provided by the individual groups were very different and again showed the flexibility and effectiveness of the design thinking approach. The selected topics were sensoring of freight, logistics platform, dispolytics and autonomous utility vehicles. To give an example for the results of the group work the logistics platform idea is further described in the following. The group discussing the logistics platform theme proposed to integrate one single platform on which all processes are coordinated to ensure and optimize communication along all steps of the logistic chain. This helps to overcome the current problems with reliability, pace and responsibility in case of an unforeseeable event.

As expected not every participant was familiar with the design thinking approach and the tasks involved with it, but from that starting point it was even more “satisfying” to see the overall positive customer feedback in the end. The participants again praised the appealing atmosphere of the Innovation Lab, the effectiveness of the design thinking approach and the open interaction with the other workshop members. All in all, we can say that the partnership between BPW and SAP got even stronger with this second event and we plan to continue with this successful concept. For the future, we also think about expanding our network and use this innovative approach, maybe in cooperation with other partners, for additional areas such as Marketing, Blockchain, Retail and so on. If you are interested or want to get further information, please feel free to contact us at