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With our latest release of the SAP Mobile Platform Server we have done some important enhancements to the tools used to monitor system health and analyze server performance.  The new enhancements give administrators the visibility and controls they need to efficiently manage their Mobile Platform deployment.

In this blog I give you a quick update in the following areas:

  • Logging
  • Solution Manager integration
  • End-to-End change analysis
  • Technical availability monitoring

in addition to point you to where you can get more information if you like what you just read.


The first source of information for administrators is the server logs for monitoring SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) system health. Troubleshooting can be viewed on the SMP server Admin Console and from here the administrator can change the Log level to the needed depth at runtime in addition to  view the logs.

Solution Manager integration

Gives you a second level of information layer to access supportability features such as change analysis, workload analysis, system availability and end to end trace.

Perform end-to-end workload analysis for native and hybrid apps:

Solution Manager is integrated with Wily Introscope to extend the workload analysis feature for the larger enterprise system. The Introscope agent on SAP Mobile Platform Server captures the workload metrics which then can be reviewed using Solution Manager or the Introscope Enterprise Manager dashboard.

Perform end-to-end change analysis:

Solution Manager periodically retrieves server and application-level configurations from SAP Mobile Platform. In the Solution Manager dashboard any configuration changes that have been made over a specific period of time be reviewed and discovered.

Technical availability monitoring:

Solution Manager provides a central point of access for monitoring a system's technical availability for the SAP Mobile Platform. In the Solution Manager dashboard you can evaluate the SAP Mobile Platform's overall system status in the mobile system landscape

End to End Trace:

Finally the Solution Manager also provides the capability to capture the analytics for each system in a mobile transaction and consolidate it to further analysis

If this topic interests you and you want to get more information on how to run your mobile solutions I recommend you to join us at TechEd this year. We have several Lectures and Hands-On sessions, which will give you more details on this topic.

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