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With the release of the 3rd Service Package for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3, SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 is definitely the place to go!


This release is a bit special.

Not only it allows us to deliver a whole set of new features in the DATA domain for instance, but we also delivered an impressive number of innovations and enhancements in different area of the product.

To complete this list of innovations, and to help you get the most out of this release of SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3, we are delighted to propose you an opportunity developed with our partner Need4viz.


Freemium offer.

Indeed, with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP03, you can benefit from 7 charts from the Need4viz catalog, that you can use for a certain period.

They can be integrated into your Web Intelligence documents to get a glimpse of their capabilities.

All 7 charts are fully operational, and your end users will enjoy interacting with them to discover new insights into their data.

This Freemium offer is available with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 and BI 4.3, and will last until at least December 2023.

Link for registration.


Value proposition.

Today, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is recognized by our customers as one of the best BI tools on the market, in the area of Ad-Hoc queries - Interactive reporting and Dashboarding.

However, the users have expectations for new use cases, forcing them to turn to other tools to meet them.

The advantage of this freemium offer, coupled with Web Intelligence, is that it allows companies to respond positively to these new use cases, while continuing to operate and use a tool that they have already paid off.

Indeed, "Need4viz for Web Intelligence" makes it possible to extend the use cases of WebI beyond its classic positioning: reporting and dashboarding.

Need4viz pushes the limits of WebI by transforming it into a true data visualization and exploration tool, that your end users will be delighted to use and play with.

Its ease of deployment, whether you want to stay On Premise or move to the Cloud (SAP BusinessObjects Private cloud Edition), coupled with the fact that these graphics appear as native WebI charts, make this solution a must-have for everyone.

No need to use anything else!

"Need4viz for Web Intelligence" allows you to meet all the BI use cases expected by your end users.  And this with your favorite Reporting tool, for an immediate return on investment.


Content and free access demo system.

The Need4viz freemium offer for SAP BusinessObjects is made up of 7 graphics, the list of which you can find below;

To use them, you have the choice to obtain either a package that you will have to deploy yourself, or to directly obtain URLs pointing to the Need4viz cloud services to declare in your SAP BusinessObjects Central Management Console.

But most importantly, if you want to discover the 7 graphics and play with them, Need4viz provides you with a free access demonstration system (no user/password required).

The demo system will show you the entire catalog: simply explore the content to identify the 7 graphics that make up the freemium offer.

Free access demonstration system.

Need4viz catalog.



SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is probably, in my point of view, one of the most underrated BI tool on the market. Former leader many years ago, SAP BusinessObjects continues to be used for mission-critical BI by many companies of all sizes.

With the release of the 3rd Service Package for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3, this is the time chosen by many customers to modernize and rejuvenate their BI by adopting this version.

And the partner ecosystem, such as Need4viz, can help you by providing the latest bricks to embrace the latest market trends, such as data visualization or data exploration.

And all this in a BI environment that allows you to reuse your past investments, all your existing assets, without disruption.