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In this blog post series the new Conditional Start feature in SAP NetWeaver BPM will be introduced. It is available with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 EHP1 SP 06 and higher. The series consists of seven single blog posts.

The first blog post Conditional Start: Introduction (1/7) introduces the Conditional Start feature and describes a simple process, which makes use of it, following a so-called Aggregator Pattern. This conditional start process will be used as a running example throughout the different blog posts of the series.

Different variants of the Aggregator Pattern exist and are explained in the blog post Conditional Start: Typical Examples (2/7). In addition, the peculiarities and pitfalls for each variant are pointed out.

A more advanced usage scenario of the Conditional Start feature is described in the blog post Conditional Start: Deep Dive (3/7).

Conditional Start processes are making use of a specialized handling of messages. Therefore, advanced monitoring capabilities are available, which are described in the blog post Conditional Start: Monitoring (4/7).

The behavior of near-simultaneous message reception during the start of a conditional start process is shown in blog post Conditional Start: Under the Hood (5/7).

In some special cases, messages - intended to be consumed by a conditional start process - can be discarded and will not be consumed. The blog post Conditional Start: Discarded Messages (6/7) explains these special cases in detail.

The blog series ends with a blog post Conditional Start: Some Restrictions (7/7) describing the restriction of the Conditional Start feature.