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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
In this uncertain time of social distancing it occurred to me that we don't have to be that far apart in our virtual world. I can be almost as connected to you as I am when I travel, but it will require more virtual paths and access via the internet to remain stable.  The use of video for team calls and virtual presentations is helping a lot, but sometimes when I am driving or exercising I like to listen to podcast and lose myself in the conversation of someone else.  (lots of voices in my head even without a podcast...)

I will admit that I have a wide variety of interests that range from technical, to history and music.  I could link all my favorites here, but instead will just tease you with the idea of finding them out later.  Something I really like is when I can listen to a short form audio podcast of less than 30 minutes and get a few key takeaway items to follow up on later.  I hope that you find the same style interesting, because...

This blog post is all about self-promotion.

I have launched my own podcast!!!  Bluebeard's Tech Talk.

Podcast artwork courtesy of SAP's Anja Rosker

Here are the links to various platforms, please subscribe, like, review, and please help me make this a better experience for developers inside and outside of SAP.  This is a personal podcast view views that are mine and that will be for the members of the community to chat and is not an official SAP production.

Several other popular podcast services can be found linked here if you're not using Spotify or Apple:

The goal is to have a new episode at least every 2 weeks with a featured interview and maybe some non-interview episodes in-between.  I have a list of participants that I think everyone will enjoy hearing from.  The idea is not just to hear me talk with guest, but to see if there are any interesting demos or coding challenges we can try out later. I have a YouTube channel I will use to post (hopefully) interesting recordings of the different tutorials and coding exercises I chat about with my guest on the podcast.

Here are some topics we will be discussing:

  • AWS Serverless

  • SAP Cloud Platform iOS SDK

  • CAP, iBPM and Mobile

  • Authentication & Authorization in the age of Cloud Foundry

  • Security! Security! Security!

If there is something you want to talk about or promote, please let me know via my contact in SAP Community or commenting on this post.

I love the team I am on!  The Developer Advocates of SAP.  We have a lot of fun and we have a lot of diverse interest.  I will have a few of them on very soon as guest to promote their different areas of expertise.  For my first interview I have my colleague kevin.muessig on to discuss the new iOS SDK 5.0 from SAP.  In this episode we learn about Mac Catalyst code and how to design Mac apps once, and then enable coding features for multi-use across different device types like iPad and MacBook.  In addition to discussing the SDK for iOS Kevin announces the new tutorial missions on that can be completed very soon as well as his YouTube channel.

I wanted to also share a special thank you to my son Rearden.  He is 16 years old and makes his own music.  When he was done publishing his 5th or 6th album to streaming services like Apple and Spotify I realized he might be the right person to ask for some music to use in my podcast.  I even record with a microphone he loaned me, but I paid for 🙂  I hope you agree it helps add entertainment to the experience of listening.  The opening song on my podcast is one of my favorites, but I have no idea why it's called Communist Rap Battle.  Here are some links to his music to enjoy if you'd like:


Stay safe and healthy and I will talk to you soon my friends,