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App Development is going through a tremendous transformation. More and more capabilities – such as messaging (e.g. 46elks, Twilio), emails (e.g. SendGrid, MailChimp), location services (HERE maps, Google Maps) etc. are being consumed as cloud-based services through APIs to accelerate application development.

As enterprises depend on 3rd party APIs for such complementary services, they need to think hard about how to govern the consumption of these services by their developers.

In this part1 of 4 part blog series, I will explain, pain points of enterprise’s consuming 3rd party APIs, how to address these pain points and monitoring and governance of 3rd Party APIs using SAP API Management.

Below are the pain points of enterprise’s consuming 3rd party APIs that are costing them time and money.

  • Misuse of the API leads to unnecessary charges

  • Can’t validate usage charges due to unknown enterprise consumers

  • Open up a potential security vulnerability to the enterprise

  • No visibility as to which 3rd party APIs they are consuming or have existing contracts with

  • No visibility of the terms of service and the inability to validate the terms of service provided by the 3rdparty API 

How do we address these pain points?

Typically, customers think of API Management platforms for externalizing their APIs, either across LOBs, to partner, or to external app developers. SAP Cloud Platform, API Management helps to monitor and govern the consumption of 3rd party APIs in order to save the enterprise millions of dollars.

SAP API Management also provides enterprises a comprehensive solution to address all API needs, with features such as API provisioning and publishing, security and access control, analytics and reporting, monitoring and operations, developer portal.

SAP API Management Component View

Monitoring and Governing 3rd Party APIs through SAP API Management

While APIs help in consuming data, opening APIs can increase the threat of cyber-attacks. Also managing multiple APIs, maintaining, updating can create discrepancies. SAP API Management not only provides enterprise-grade security that ensures optimized performance but also helps monitor and governs APIs.  Monitoring and governing of APIs can be achieved by applying Traffic Management and Security policies.

You can see the other parts of the blog series below:

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Part3: Monitoring and Governing 3rd Party Twilio APIs

Part4: Monitoring and Governing 3rd Party HereMaps APIs


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