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As part of continuous improvements on BIPRestful Services,  we have enhanced BOE.war by merging BIPRWS in BI4.3 SP03.

BOE.war is the primary web application archive for the BI platform, which includes different applications in it as an OSGi bundle.

BIPRWS.war is hosting Restful SDK, which it could use in BI LaunchPad, WebI and Custom applications.

All Restful applications depend on the Restful application flag(Relative Path) or URL in CMC.
With the new implementation, BOE applications(WebI, BI Launchpad, CR, BI Admin Studio.. etc.)  have no dependency on the Restful application.

By Merging both Web applications, it Addresses the following deployment challenges.

  1. CORS(Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) between two web applications

  2. Accessing BI Launch Pad URL from Internal and External Networks(DMZ)

  3. Better handling of Sessions between BOE.and BIPRWS

  4. End-to-end web application tracing can be simplified

  5. Deployment challenges on clustered Web application Servers (NetWeaver /WebSphere)

  6. Load balancer issues related to WebI Viewing

How to:

When BI Landscape updates BI4.3 SP03, deployment automatically uses internal deployment of BIPRWS. However, if you want to continue with external BIPRWS.war, the below changes are required

  1. Navigate to <BO_Install_Dir>\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\internal

  2. Open a PROPERTIES file with the name “”

  3. Open in any text editor and set the below Flag
    #(Default is true)

  4. Save the file.

  5. Restart the Tomcat

Which Applications are impacted?

The below Applications use internal BIPRWS.

  1. BI Launchpad

  2. Web Intelligent

  3. Crystal Reports

  4. BI Admin studio

  5. Workflow Assistant

  6. Open Document

  7. Lumira BIP Addon

Client Tools like Live Office, Lumira or any custom applications only use external BIPRWS Web application while connecting or publishing documents to CMS.

You can trace the internal biprws calls from browser dev tools. If biprwsproxy is contained in the URL, it uses internal BIPRWS.