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Most Big Data presentations today will probably mention in some way or for the analysis of social sentiment typically tweets as an example application of Big Data where large organizations can analyze consumer opinions related to their brand, products, promotions etc.  Wenjun an intern visiting Palo Alto from SAP’s Shanghai office for a month-long project has developed a Sentiment analysis application that every movie lover can relate to. How to quickly determine if a newly released movie is worth watching. His blog  that he published in June this year has already had more than 11000 views. Pretty impressive!

I invite you to hear Wenjun Zhou speak on this topic as part of the Big Data Webinar series.  Wenjun Zhou is a researcher in TIP CE&SP China. He joined the team in June 2011. and currently focuses on SAP HANA PoCs and SAP HANA smart applications. Wenjun holds Double Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Technical University of Berlin. During his studies in Germany, he obtained the DAAD’s . His twitter handle is @_wzhou

Webinar Title: Big Data - Sentiment Analysis of movies on SAP HANA One


Real-time sentiment rating of movies is a smart application built on SAP HANA One. It can predict ratings on new released movies based on social sentiment. People often post tweets after they watch movies, like “Man of Steel is amazing!” or “Man of Steel is not worth watching…” The idea of this application is that users can get real-time sentiment rating based on real-time tweets, e.g., for Man of Steel, 78% positive, 20% neutral and 2% negative. It provides potential watchers with quantifiable data if the movie is good or not. With the smart application, movie goers can pick which movie to watch in real-time!

Date: Aug 7 2013 10 am CET/1:00 am PST

Link  to webinar

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