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If you thought the Internet was already integral to business, just wait. From information source to social network… now the ‘Internet of Things’ is poised to transform our lives.

The world already has more Internet devices than people. And the number is growing, adding exponentially to Big Data. We’re not just talking about computers and smartphones, but ‘smart’ boxes. That means interacting directly over the Internet with anything and potentially everything, from a promotional flyer to the shirt on your back, from a fridge to the food it contains.

It might be an application that allows you to wave your phone in front of a door for keyless entry. Or vending machines that schedule their own replenishment. Or even intelligent streetlights that report defects for quick repair. All of these examples streamline processes, represent considerable value and suggest huge potential.

Of course this all means bigger and bigger data, which in turn means your data management strategy is more important than ever. It’s time to start thinking about Big Data for next-generation business through a 21st century lens. This ultimately calls for a data platform that enables you to acquire and store petabytes of data from any source - whether structured, unstructured, machine or human data – and then analyze and visualize data using advanced algorithms. According to a recent study by IDG Research Services, more than half of IT leaders pointed to an integrated solution as the best fit for their organizations.

They are looking for the ability to process, analyze and deliver quick, complete and accurate data to any user or application. All from a single, unified enterprise data environment. And all in real-time.

Which opens the door to developments such as paying with your cellphone, presence-based advertising and smart clothing that monitors your health.

The fact is, by transacting business in real-time, you’re faster, smarter, leaner—and ten steps ahead of the competition.

You can learn more at or join the conversation #redefinedata