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Big Data is already impacting the way you live and work. Some of you have started projects while some of you are not yet convinced. Whatever your interest or knowledge level, there is a wealth of great experiences that awaits you at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference in May 2013!

There are over 60 sessions across the campuses where you can gain valuable insight into the opportunities and challenges that can be derived from Big Data - from a business as well as technology perspective.

Top Recommendation

The panel discussion Experience Data like never before scheduled for  Tuesday 11 a.m. in the Database and Technology Campus hosted by Steve Lucas is my top recommendation and a key highlight not to be missed. One of the panellists, Rick Smolan will provide a unique non-technology and human perspective, gained from working on his latest publication: The Human Face Big Data. He is a renowned photo-journalist who has created the best-selling  'Day in the Life' photography series and his work has been featured on the covers of Fortune magazine, Time magazine, Newsweek and US News & World Report. The Human Face of Big Data is a unique coffee table book bursting with fascinating Big Data stories and amazing photography from across the globe highlighting how Big Data is enabling society to sense, measure, and understand aspects of its existence in ways never possible before!

List of Big Data sessions

If the Experience Data like never before panel discussion inspires you to find out more here is a summary of the sessions where Big Data will be presented that you can choose from:

  • Extend and Deepen Consumer Engagement Through Real-Time Solutions     
  • Harness Insight from Unstructured Text      
  • Learn How Startups Are Expanding the Reach of the SAP HANA Platform
  • Master Big Data to Gain New Insights in Real Time
  • Put Analytics to Work on Your Big Data
  • Reduce the Risk of Fraud with SAP HANA
  • Simplify Data Management with a Real-Time Data Platform
  • Discuss Innovative Solutions Built by Inspired Startups
  • Explore the Road Map for Meeting Comprehensive Big Data Requirements
  • Manage and Analyze Big Data
  • Deliver the Right Content to the Right People at the Right Time
  • Discover Innovative Solutions from Inspired Startups
  • Fuel Next-Generation Consumer Engagement with Big Data Analysis
  • Learn How a Real-Time Data Platform Supports a Visionary Database Strategy
  • Prepare to Innovate with a Future-Proof Information Governance Strategy
  • Uncover the Business Case for Implementing SAP HANA
  • Experience Big Data Like Never Before
  • Gain Big Data Insights with Advanced Analytics
  • Transform Business with Real-Time Applications
  • Deliver the Best Customer Experience
  • Engage Consumers in Innovative Ways Through Real-Time Solutions
  • Improve Big Data Quality with Predictive Analytics
  • Leverage the Power of SAP HANA to Become a Customer-Centric Company
  • Transform Business with Cutting-Edge Database and Technology Solutions
  • Turn Data into Actionable Information with a Real-Time Data Platform
  • Improve Asset Performance with Predictive Analytics
  • Use Predictive Analytics to Reap New Opportunities
  • Maximize Predictive Analytics for Finance
  • Transform Business Planning and Analysis with Analytics Solutions
  • Create a Competitive Advantage for Capital Markets
  • Understand the Realities of Big Data and Capitalize on Them
  • Get Faster Insight and Analytics by Rapidly Deploying In-Memory Computing
  • Apply Big Data Analytics Across the Life Sciences Value Chain
  • Make Better Business Decisions with Human Capital Management Analytics
  • Read the Signs from Demand Signal Management and Big Data
  • Refine Your Hospitality Practices with Insights from Big Data
  • Create Real-Time Offers and Drive Revenue Using Real-Time Behavior Analysis
  • Refine Customer Analytics with Customer Engagement Intelligence Software
  • Use Social Media to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates
  • Achieve Measurable Gains in Customer Satisfaction and Employee Productivity
  • Drive Innovation and Growth in Chemical and Mill Products Companies
  • Optimize Operations with Sales and Operations Planning Powered by HANA
  • Value Driven Material Requirements Planning using SAP Suite on HANA
  • Combine Big Data and Enterprise Mobility
  • Turn Analytical Insight into Improved Outcomes
  • Analyze Big Data for Better Customer Engagement
  • Conduct Business in the Moment with Your Customers

I look forward to talking with at Sapphire and hearing about your experiences with  and plans for Big Data within your organization.

You may use the following hastags to follow and join the conversation for Big Data at Sapphire: #BigData #SAPPHIRENOW