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Introduced version1 of REST SDK from SAP BOE 4.2SP03 and onwards.

REST SDK APIs URL : http://<host>:<port>/biprws/v1

URI standards :

  • Uniformity with all the existing APIs

  • case : lowercase

  • no verbs in API URL.

  • Context basis URIs

Request/Response :

  • Attributes in Response body in lower case.

  • In Response body, feed links must just give link +pagination link. No sorting/filtering query parameter should be provided there.

  •  Support Multi-model if required.

  • For all the listing APIs, attributes will be basic information( id, cuid, name, type, updated ) + additional  attributes related to the context.

  • Avoid using 'feed' tag in case of single entry in response.

Query Parameters :

  • Filtering,Pagination and sorting for all APIs. Other filters will be context specific .

  • For sorting, query Parameter is “sort”. And order of sorting will be decided by ‘-‘ (For example : sort=-title(descending), sort=title(ascending)).

  • Support sorting on multiple attributes, follow left to right convention.

  • Support sorting just on attributes present in the Response Body.

  • Support filtering the attributes of Response body by query parameter "field" ( For example: http://<base-url>/categories?field=title,parentid -> will result back all categories with title and parentid attributes).

  • Support filter on name "like %".

SI_ID / CUID Support :


Query Parameters Details:

Query Parameters Description
page page number
pagesize number of objects in each page

sort=+attribute_name(or sort=attribute_name) for ascending order .

sort=-attribute_name for descending order.

If 'sort' filter is not provided, by default the sorting is on SI_NAME ascending order.

Example for filters:



created=2015-11-16T11:03:53.727Z , 2016-11-16T11:03:53.727Z

updated=2015-11-16T11:03:53.727Z , 2016-11-16T11:03:53.727Z

(if second date is null, default till date() will be the value.)



BIP RESTful Web Service Developer Guide:

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