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November 2013

Business Intelligence News

Strategies for creating an information-driven culture

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Welcome to the November issue of Business Intelligence News!

There are many misconceptions and myths that exist in any industry and Business Intelligence is no exception. In this issue we want to bust open some common myths surrounding business intelligence, giving you the chance to discover what misconceptions you or your colleagues might hold and how to avoid them. These myths range from misconceptions about SAP, to fallacies about working with information, to hot topics in BI: Learn the truth and avoid common mistakes.

In December we will wrap up 2013 with a highlight of our favorite pieces and some great new content to see you into the new year.

Saskia Battersby, GM BI Solution Management


Nothing is worse than misconstruing the information provided by an excellently administered business intelligence system. Unfortunately, it is more common than you think, and many people don’t even realize they are making errors that counteract the benefits of BI.

Being an industry standard in the business intelligence space doesn’t leave SAP immune to misconceptions. If you’ve ever thought of SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions as being too complicated, or only for large companies, you might be surprised.

Companies are always asking for creative employees who can innovate and come up with new ideas and products that push the organization to the leading edge. Innovators are creative geniuses who work alone. Do you agree or disagree?

What is BI Strategy? Why should you care? The phrase has been increasingly used by organizations to recognize effective use of business intelligence. Do you have one? If you are looking at your architecture slide, then let’s explore some of the myths around BI strategy.

Learn How to Transform More of Your Data into Meaningful Information

The average organization only uses 10% of their data for analysis and decision making. What are they missing out on and what is hiding in the other 90% of the big picture?

Read this blog and its attached white paper to better capitalize on your data »

Predictive Analytics Not Just for Statisticians

Daunted by the term ‘predictive analytics?’ Don’t be! The flexibility of SAP Predictive Analysis enables a broad spectrum of users with different levels of analytical skills to bring advanced analytics to bear on any decision.

Learn why you shouldn't let your perceptions of predictive analytics get in the way »

Prakash Darji Busts Myths About SAP HANA

Everyone’s talking about SAP HANA’s ability to deliver rapid business intelligence. Unfortunately, there are a number of other misconceptions being discussed, such as HANA only being a database, or that it is only useful for really big data sets. If these types of misconceptions sound familiar, then your organization might be missing out.

Find out why these misconceptions are not true, and what that could mean for your organization »


Johan du Plessis, IT Director of Consol Glass, explains how and why the company is using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software to find a fast and intuitive way to share analytical information with their executives and knowledge workers.

Listen to Johan explain more about his organizations experience with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer »


December 3, 2013: The Evolution of Self-Service B - Webinar

December 4, 2013: 2014 BI Roadmap and Strategy - Webcast

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