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August 2013

Business Intelligence News

Strategies for creating an information-driven culture

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Welcome to the August issue of Business Intelligence News!

In this issue of Business Intelligence News, we’re focused on using visualizations to present information in ways that enable new insights. Specifically, the articles are focused on how 3D, geospatial, and dashboard technology can be used to help businesses gain new insight, beyond what would be obvious from standard reports and visualizations.

This September, the annual ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference will take place in Anaheim, California. We hope to see you there! The September issue of Business Intelligence News will recap some announcements from the event, as well as other insights and information on events taking place.

Saskia Battersby, GM BI Solution Management


Top Three Uses for Geographic Analytics

Ryan Goodman, BI apps expert and CEO of Centigon Solutions, explains how you can best utilize multiple data sources and business algorithms for real-time location analytics.

Find out how your business can utilize location analytics»

Trends in Geospatial Analytics

With an increased demand for geospatial analytics – driven by the fast-growing, location-based data generated by mobile apps – SAP has teamed up with ESRI for a new geospatial initiative

Geospatial analysis can shed new light on data in ways that are easier and faster than ever before. Using SAP Lumira, you can empower analysts in your organization to answer more questions without the need of lengthy “define, design, and deliver” project interactions.

Read about the transformation of geospatial analysis, and what it means for you»

What’s wrong with the old ways of communicating analytical information? Anita Gibbings from SAP illustrates the four traps commonly found in old dashboards and explains how LAVA addresses these problems by using lean design principles, along with a new SAP design language

See how LAVA enbraces social collaboration and allows for dynamic, manipulable information displays ...

Multidimensional Business Intelligence in 2D, 3D, and 4D

Robert Abarbanel, of SAP Labs illustrates how you can go beyond flat reporting with the use of multidimensional data, now possible using SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer.

Annual SAP BusinessObjects User Conference is Coming Soon!

Planning to attend this year’s ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference in Anaheim, CA? Plan your agenda before you go with this blog to make sure you don’t miss out on any of this year’s noteworthy events

Data Mania? Developer Wars? Get a glance of the events now »

Mobile Dashboards Best Practices

Getting access to your businesses data while on the go can be an excellent experience. It can also be frustrating if the dashboard you’re using wasn’t designed with mobile interactions in mind. Luckily, it only takes a couple of simple considerations to help improve the user’s experience of your dashboard solution.

Learn about the key design considerations for your mobile dashboards »

3D Models in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards = Spatial Analytics

Curious how you can use 3D models in your current dashboard solutions? This high-level overview illustrates the value of 3D in dashboards, and what it can bring to the table that its 2D predecessor couldn’t.

Determine i moving to 3D is right for you »


“As SRAM has grown through the years, SAP has grown with it. It has been a huge tool to have.”

Watch this video of SRAM, one of the largest bicycle components companies in the world, explaining how SAP BusinessObjects was able to help the company bring all of its reporting into one place in order to better analyze data. Now, employees can see their data in a whole new way


August  18-23rd 2013: TDWI World Conference – Agile BI – San Diego, California

September 9–12, 2013: ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference – Anaheim, California

October 10, 2013: SAP Innovation Forum - Virtual Event

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