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April 2014

Business Intelligence News

Strategies for creating an information-driven culture

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Welcome to the April Issue of Business Intelligence News!

Gartner recently predicted that Business Intelligence and Analytics will remain top focus for CIOs through 2017.  It is clear that organizations will benefit from fact-based decision-making whether you are in marketing, sales, supply chain management, manufacturing, engineering, risk management, finance or HR.  Today we see roughly 10% of people in an organization having access to analytics, that figure is predicted to rise to 75% by 2020.  How can you reach this ambitious 75% in the next 6 years?  A Good BI or Analytics strategy can certainly help you get there. This month we are covering topics that will help you to achieve that objective and create an information driven culture across your organization.

Last month we had covered topics on the next wave of software development kits (SDKs) and partner integrations with SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions. Some of you had requested for this to be re-published and we have provided a link in this edition.

Deepa Sankar, Senior Director of Marketing - Business Intelligence


Highlights from the March BI News

Due to requests from our readers, we are including a link to the March, 2014 edition of the BI News. It covers articles that explore how SDKs can provide you with new and exciting opportunities to create, customize, integrate, and extend your solution to portals, mobile, and third-party applications. Below is a list of the top three articles from last month:

Get the full issue of the March, 2014 BI News »

BIG Data = The New BI?

Big Data is a hot topic in the analytics domain, but how does Big Data relate to BI? And what role does Apache Hadoop and the SAP HANA platform play in it? SAP doesn’t fence you into a specific architecture, and is open to fulfill your demand in your setup of choice.

Find out how Big Data, BI, Apache Hadoop, and SAP HANA all tie together »

The Rise of Data Visualization and the Need for Governance

Gartner predicts data discovery and visualization to be the most in demand BI components by 2015. This blog explores the value of such solutions as well as self-serve BI as a whole. It also explores the need for governance for these solutions and why BI administrators need to stay ahead of the curve to avoid issues down the road.

Learn How Celestica is Unleashing the Power of Analytics

As companies increasingly deploy analytics in order to turn data into insights, many common challenges persist. Celestica Inc. is a US $6 billion dollar global leader that provides comprehensive supply chain and product lifecycle services for several well-known high tech companies.

Using Culture as a KPI

Many leaders are comfortable with using key performance indicators (KPI's) like gross sales or net revenue to measure, track, and improve overall performance, but applying this concept to a company's culture can be a little difficult sometimes. In this blog we'll cover how to recognize measurable evidence of BI culture and how to use that evidence to help build an information-driven organization.

According to “The 10 Skills That Will Get You Hired In 2013,” the top four skills employers considered most important – and required in 90% of the most in-demand jobs – were critical thinking, complex problem solving, judgment and decision-making, and active listening. We asked a panel of experts to share their expertise and insights on these topics.

College Basketball Analysis with SAP Lumira

Who participated in Warren Buffet’s “Billion Dollar Bracket” Contest for the NCAA tournament? The Data Viz team at SAP wanted to join the action. Using technology from SAP, they attempted to predict which teams might make it to the finals. Using SAP Lumira and SAP Predictive Analysis, the team analyzed data from 64 teams to fill out the 2014 bracket. Each selection was made based on data, removing any gut feelings or school bias from the equation.

Read on to find out if the data viz team was able to predict the winner »

BI 2014 - It's a Wrap!

Last month BI 2014 was held in Orlando, Florida. Tammy Powlas attended the keynotes, education sessions, networking, and show floor. If you missed it, check out what she learned at the conference.


Abigail Brockbank, Manager BI Development at Unipart Group talks about how Unipart Group uses the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform with its SAP ERP application and SAP Business Warehouse application to gain visibility into the company's supply chain. Unipart Group is a leading third-party logistics provider. The company works across many market sectors and has over 10,000 employees around the globe. Unipart Group needed to change its approach to looking at problems within the business and it chose SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence to help make it happen.



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