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Edit: Charlotte's interested in getting any and all feedback on the Web Intellingence Getting Started Guide doc and video.  If you have any, please let me know!

Charlotte from the Documentation team sent word a few weeks ago she's been working on a new doc piece for Web Intelligence - a Getting Started Guide.  I think it's pretty nifty and extremely useful.

If you belong to an organization that uses Web Intelligence, keep a reference to the new doc handy, cause you'll use it.

One of the compelling reasons that keeps Web Intelligence an extremely popular reporting tool is how quickly users can create compelling reports.  Way faster than other tools (a quote heard at last year's ASUG BI User Conference: "Hey, I can use WebI and go for lunch, or use another tool and try and eat at my desk").

How to get the users started?

SAP provides training and courses ( for the beginner to advanced.  But at times what's needed is a quick intro that covers the major features - creating a query, table and charts - is what fits the bill.

The Getting Started Guide is just that:

To find it, go to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1 – SAP Help Portal Page and look for the Getting Started guide in the End Users Guide section.

It walks the user through the creation of a "real" report using the eFashion sample Universe we provide with the product.  It's been targeted for BI 4.1 SP05 Product release, so it's now public, but I'll comment that the walkthrough applies even for older versions of BI 4.x.

What makes the new documentation that much more compelling is that Leah created a companion video for it:

(click above image or go directly to Scenario - Creating Reports with Tables, Charts and Images: Web Intelligence 4.1 SP5 - YouTube)

If you have any users who want to get started on Web Intelligence, do foward them the link to the Getting Started guide - it will walk the user through the creation of their very first WebI doc.

While you're at SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1 – SAP Help Portal Page, check out the new docs for BI 4.1 SP05!  You'll notice that our Documentation team has made changes with newer SP's to make it easier for users and administrators to find the right info.

Previously, the docs were fragmented.  We had one Web Intelligence Rich Client User Guide, and another for using WebI with BW/BEx queries.  There were considerable overlap in content, so a decision was made to unify the documentation in one Web Intelligence User Guide (the admin information remains in the BI Platform Admin Guide).

We also have a new initiative going where we can foward any feedback you have concerning the BI documentation to our documentation authors.  So if you find anything amiss with our BI docs, please do forward the comment if you happen to have a Support ticket open with SAP.

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