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Quality in delivery of software has always been importanrt. However, the direct impact of a high quality delivery is felt much more in a cloud project vs 'the old days: on-prem'. Low quality, means low satisfaction, means a lot of work to repair to get the customer to be happy. What is our Ecosystem doing to drive that quality. Certifications is the obvious answer. But is that all? Is there not more to it? Of course there is... let's explore how one partner drives quality as a culture Down Under in Australia....Here we go:


Our partners are investing in Delivery quality every day - so much is sure. Every quarter we see the number of certified consultants rise. It is SAP’s way of measuring quality, estimating the size of the ecosystem and ensuring we drive excellence in all of our delivered projects in the market - by ourselves and our partners.

More and more partners however, are taking quality to the next level. They say yes to certifications, but at the same time see that delivering quality to customers is more than holding that certificate. Quality is a culture, something in the DNA of a company. It is something that is front and center to all you do, the result being happy customers and the healthy balance sheet as a logical outcome of customer happiness because of your quality.

Quality as a culture is not a switch, it needs to grow overtime. It can be done in many different ways and forms. Recently, one of our partners told us they have tied part of their rewarding mechanisms for their teams to it. getting rewarded for mentoring new joiners, writing blogposts and articles on best in class practices, setting up POC’s, innovating with existing products, you name it. This drives the right mindset, the right behaviour and attracts the right people - if 'quality as a culture' is your aspiration.

If you’re interested in hearing more about quality as a culture and some of the thoughts Australia based partner FAIR Consulting Group has put into driving quality into all they do - then listen to our recently released Out to Lunch podcast here:
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